Intimate Night In with Tampa Takeout and Delivery

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If the weather is dreadful, you’ve had a long day, or maybe you just want to snuggle up with your special someone, don’t worry about heading out or cooking. There are loads of options to enjoy an intimate night in with convenient Tampa takeout and delivery options all around the area. Along with everyone's favorite food delivery services, we have found the best restaurants in Tampa Bay that not only provide unique and delicious fare, but will box it up and bring it to your home.


This may go without saying (most restaurants offer take out options), however, there are some that have truly mastered the art of take out. Here are a few of our favorites.

Arirang Korean Restaurant

Arirang is a delicious Korean cuisine staple in the Tampa area. It offers a wide selection of treats that are suitable for both gluten-free and vegetarian appetites, and they never have MSG in their recipes. What makes Arirang the master at take out is their online ordering system, which makes dinner a breeze. Order while you’re at work and simply pick up dinner on your way home. Try their signature Yakitori with a variety of options like chicken, pork or scallops.

Other Tampa Takeout Options


For the extremely busy couple, trying to find the time to get all your work done, walk the dog, clean the house, manage the bills and then squeeze in a date night may seem nearly impossible. Delivery is the saving grace. Order your food either over the phone or online. Once dinner is delivered right to your door, unplug and let your romantic night in begin. 

Bamboozle Cafe

Bamboozle Cafe is a delicious and healthy food option for the vegetarian couple, or even those that want to squeeze in some culinary complexity to their date night. The cafe offers traditional Asian dishes with a healthful twist, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. Choose from appetizers like fresh rolls, pho soup boats and entrees like Chili Garlic Shrimp or Red Curry to be delivered to your home.

Other Delivery Options

tampa takeout
Photo Credit: Bamboozle Cafe

Curbside Pick-Up

The “happy medium” of takeout and delivery brings the at-home foodie to curbside pick-up. Quickly order your food online and request what time you want the food to be ready at. Right on schedule, the food will come right to your car door. This allows the busy couple to enjoy all their favorite dishes at the popular restaurants without having to deal with wait-times, crowded locations, or maybe they just want to enjoy their favorite desert on the couch with their favorite show or movie.

BOCA – Kitchen, Bar and Market

Located in Hyde Park, BOCA offers a selection of delicious farm-to-table fare to enjoy in their quaint kitchen or at home. For the busy couple, BOCA offers a “Dinner for 2 To Go” meal that includes and entree, side, salad and desert for two people.

Other Curbside Pickup Options

tampa takeout
Photo Credit: BOCA

Feature Image: BOCA


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