10 Tampa Bay Dessert Spots for Date Night

We all love spoiling our significant others with romantic nights spent indulging in the sweet side of life. Plan your next date splurging at our favorite Tampa Bay dessert spots. Here are ten great options to explore:


You may have tasted homemade ice-cream, but have you ever experienced homemade ice-cream served in a warm doughnut cone? Dough is the candy-coated sister to Datz, an eminent urban American gastropub in Tampa. This whimsical bakeshop features an imaginative, creative atmosphere that will bring you back to your childhood in a single bite. Their donut collection ranges from Créme Brûlée and Maple Bacon, to Hot Cocoa and Kool Aid. From milkshakes and cheesecake to macaroons, cupcakes and gourmet waffles, they truly have it all. bestdoughnuts.com/

Tampa Bay Dessert
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Revolution Ice-Cream

When you’re indulging in an avalanche of ice-cream out of a sugar glazed doughnut cone, it’s almost mandatory that you take it easy on the actual ice-cream flavor. Revolution Ice-Cream on the other hand encourages customers to get as creative as possible with their extensive menu of unique flavors. Mix and match scoops on your next sundae so you can experience Butter Beer, Hotcakes, and Eurotrash all in one crunchy waffle bowl. Their specials change by month, and feature staples, like Doh-Nuts & Coffee consisting of coffee ice-cream with pink iced donuts and sprinkles, or Vegan Matcha featuring green tea ice-cream made with coconut milk. Revolution Ice-Cream has something for everyone and is a must-try for all you ice-cream lovers out there. revicecream.com

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When you have the freedom to create your own flavor combination of ice-creams, the possibilities are endless. IceBurg Rolled Ice Cream is located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg’s foodie district, and specializes in Thai rolled ice cream. They like to get down and dirty with their famous Teddy Graham Social, Bacon Lover’s Delight, and Unicorn Cones. In addition to rolled and scooped ice-cream, IceBurg also offers an assorted smoothie and acai bowl menu as a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth. But for those of you trying not to think about the scale, their Freak Shakes and Waffle Tacos are just simply a must. facebook.com/iceburgrolledicecream/

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The Harry Waugh Dessert Room at Bern’s Steak House

Anyone who lives in Tampa knows that Bern’s Steak House legendary in the Bay area. But, did you know they have a private dessert room on the top floor? They offer nearly 50 dessert choices and more than 1,000 dessert wines and spirits. Guests are seated in their own personal booth equipped with a six-channel stereo sound system, offerings guests a wide range of music styles including classical, jazz, progressive, contemporary, new age, and even live music played by Bern’s personal pianist. There is a phone built into each booth that guests can pick up to request a song. If you’re looking for an intimate, romantic atmosphere to satisfy your sweet tooth, Bern’s is the perfect destination for you. bernssteakhouse.com/Harry-Waugh-Dessert-Room

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Farmacy Vegan Kitchen & Bakery

Whether you’re in the mood for a baked good, acai bowl, smoothie, or even a small bite to eat, you’ll want to check out the Farmacy for a 100% plant based menu. Their baked assortments rotate daily, so they have a new selection seven days a week. Their rotating spread falls under six categories of baked goods including sticky buns, muffins, cupcakes, banana breads with a twist, coffee cakes and doughnuts. Stop by on Gluten Free Sunday when the menu features many more gluten free options than normal! farmacyvegankitchen.com/

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Micki’s Ice Cream Shoppe

Micki’s offers homemade ice-cream that has no high fructose corn syrup or rBGH growth hormones in any of its ice cream bases. They sell locally made, hand-crafted kombuchas, ginger beer, cold brew, and beet kvass. What separates Micki’s from other ice cream shops is their candy corner. Their walls are adorned with shelves full of snacks like, Fill-A-Bag Taffy, Coconut Patties, Gator Gummies, and more! facebook.com/MickisIceCream/

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Mini Doughnut Factory

The hardest part of treating yourselves to doughnuts at a spunky café is settling on one or two flavors out of a hundred to divvy up between the two of you. This is why the Mini Doughnut Factory makes every doughnut lover’s experience a smooth sail. They have over 15 specialty doughnuts including Espresso Chip, Camp Fire, and French Toast, just to name a few. But if these options aren’t enough to tickle your fancy, create your own custom flavor! You get to choose your doughnut base, icing, topping, and drizzle, but it doesn’t stop there. They offer doughnut shakes, sundaes, coffee, tea and smoothies. Stepping into this doughnut shop means stepping into the judgment-free zone; with doughnuts this mini, who can blame you for trying more than one. minidoughnutfactory.com/

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Daily Eats

Part of the Ciccio’s Restaurant Group, Daily Eats is a restaurant staple in the Tampa Bay area. They are a modern American diner that specializes in sandwiches, bowls, and all-day breakfast. Their diner experience is made complete with their retro milkshakes. They offer all your favorite original flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, but then put a modern twist with shakes like their Stay Puff’d: vanilla ice cream, toasted marshmallows, and hot fudge. Definitely a must-try! ilovedailyeats.com/

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Chocolate Pi

Experience what an authentic macaroon is meant to taste like without packing your bags for a spontaneous trip to France. Chocolate Pi is a gourmet bakery in South Tampa that bakes all goods completely from scratch, from whole ingredients, without the use of artificial flavoring or preservatives. The owner and head chef, Kim Yelvington spent time studying the art of pastry in France, and created Chocolate Pi so that the world can experience a true pairing of southern sweets with old world tradition. All desserts and flavors change daily so you’ll always have something new and exciting to try! sweetchocolatepi.com/

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The Hyppo Gourmet Pops

Hyppo’s Gourmet Popsicles are like no other. They offer all-natural pops, all made from the same equation: fresh fruit + fresh herbs and spices + evaporated cane juice + dairy (sometimes). Their menu changes with the seasons, which is how they have created over 450 flavors so far. With flavors like Strawberry Basil and Black Berry Goat Cheese, Hyppo’s Pops offer something for everyone. thehyppo.com/

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