International Food Options in Tampa Bay: Your Ultimate Guide to Date Night Around the World

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I’m sure we can all agree that choosing a date night restaurant is tough. After a long workweek, you just want to find the perfect place to spend some quality time with that special someone. With our Date Night Around the World Series, we have your back! The series provides suggestions for the best restaurants that represent Indian, Mexican, German, French, Italian,Thai, and more! Sample delicious options around Tampa bay with these exciting International food options.

Our Date Night Around the World Series is especially great for foodie couples! With cuisine options from six different countries, there’s always something exciting to try and a new restaurant atmosphere to experience.

Take the guesswork out of date night with these delectable International food options.


Local Tampa Indian food restaurants serve some of the most authentic, taste-filled Indian foods in the country! Next time you’re feeling like some Indian food, keep these in mind! —> Date Night Around the World: Tampa Indian Edition

Rasoi Indian Cuisine


No matter what day it is, Mexican food is always a treat. And in Tampa Bay, we’re lucky enough to have more than a few great restaurants where you and your date can enjoy some fantastic, authentic and delicious Mexican food. For your next date night, consider checking any of these out! —> Date Night Around the World: Mexican Edition

date night around the world


When you’re feeling like trying some foreign food with your significant other, how about heading to one of the best German restaurants around? If that sounds good, then check out these Tampa German restaurants and start planning your next date night. —> Date Night Around the World: German Edition

Tampa German


Eating food you can’t get every day is always a treat. French food isn’t always the easiest to come by, but it’s never a bad idea! For this Date Night Around the World, you’ll see some of the top Tampa French restaurants and cafes.         —> Date Night Around the World: Tampa French Edition and check out our feature article on BT Culinary Creations: French Vietnamese Fusion

Tampa French
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When date night is coming up and you need a place to go for a nice meal, you can never go wrong with Italian food! And here in Tampa bay, we’re teeming with restaurants full of food that’s as authentic as can get. If you’re looking for a Tampa Italian meal, check out these awesome restaurants featuring the best of the bay’s Italian scene. —> Date Night Around the World: Tampa Italian Edition


This time, we’re taking you on a flavor trip to the best Thai restaurants in Tampa. If you’re looking for a little foreign treat for your next date night dinner, check out these restaurants and get ready for a meal both you and your significant other will love. —> Date Night Around the World: Tampa Thai Edition

tampa thai


For more Tampa dining options beyond international food check out Date Night Diners or Dining in Gulfport!


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