Best Fitness Classes in Tampa Bay

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Best Fitness Classes in Tampa Bay

Everyone knows that exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Everyone also knows that daunting feeling of “I have to work out today” that looms overhead like a dark cloud. The idea of heading to the dumpy old gym down the street with all of those overly muscled people judging you as you begrudgingly climb the stair climber is depressing. Luckily, thanks to fitness lovers who love to have fun, Tampa Bay is now home to tons of new, innovative fitness classes!

Kiss the dirty old gym and those intimidating gym rats goodbye and say hello to the best new way(s) to break a sweat in the Best Fitness Classes in Tampa Bay!

Cardio Intensive/HIIT Classes

OrangeTheory Fitness

If you haven’t heard of OTF, then you must check them out! OrangeTheory is a fitness class chain with energetic instructors and coaches who instruct and help throughout each and every class. Members will work hard to earn “Splat Points” on the treadmill, weight training, and rowing! What sets OTF apart is their mixture of science, coaching, and technology to help you raise that heart rate and shed calories during and after your workout! The best part of OTF is that new members get to try out one class free before committing so that they know OTF is the right fit for them!

Spark Fitness

What started as private personal training has turned into a private studio in Lithia, FL. Since 2013, Paul and Jennifer Killian have been pursuing their fitness related passions and have opened their own studio. Spark prides itself in classes for athletes seeking conditioning, mothers-to-be, post-rehab patients after an injury, or anything else in between! Spark offers Pilates, personal training, athletic performance classes, group classes, and cyclist training.

Bayshore Fit

If you’re looking for a smaller gym feel with incredible fitness classes at the palm of your hands then look no further! At Bayshore Fit take part in classes such as SHED, a 45-minute fat burning class with HIIT training involving bodyweight, kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, sleds, and more. Bayshore Fit also offers classes on Peloton Bikes, for Abs and Arms, for Abs and A$$, a 60 minute HIIT class, and Weekday Warrior classes!

Camp Tampa

If you’re looking for an adventure, look no further! Camp Tampa is the perfect spot to play, burn calories, and make friends! Camp encourages its members to push their boundary and try new things. They strive to be more than just a fitness studio. Camp offers a variety of classes including Camp Cycle for the cycling lovers, Camp Yoga for all of the yogis, and Camp Circuit for the HIIT enthusiasts!

VKNG Fitness

Feel the difference at VKNG Fitness! The studio is locally owned and operated with trainers trained onsite. Programs are offered for all types of people taught by the best in the biz. VKNG takes pride in their family-minded studio while incorporating science into their workouts as they strive for the best and most educated workout class in the area. VKNG offers personal training, corporate training, and community programs.

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Cycling Classes

SOHO Cycling

Check out SOHOCycling for a boutique style indoor-cycling experience. Prepare to enter a fun, friendly, judgment-free zone for all bodies and all fitness levels! Riders at SOHOCycle come in all different shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds. Take part in energizing classes with music videos displayed on 100-inch screens. Be ready to sprint, climb, jog, dance, and sweat…. A lot!

CYCLEBAR South Tampa

At CYCLEBAR, enjoy a fun experience that is accessible for riders of all ages and fitness levels. During your ride, every single sense will be stimulated by music, video graphics, rider-specific performance, and so much more. Riders at CYCLEBAR are taught by the best people that love their job and their company and stick around.

Cycology of Tampa Bay

Check out Wesley Chapel’s first indoor cycling facility! Cyclology is the perfect place for anyone and everyone featuring low impact, high-intensity cardio and strength building meant to challenge and enjoy!

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Boxing/Kick Boxing Classes

Punch Boxing for Fitness

At Punch Boxing, enjoy classes for every boxing level at one-hour intervals! Take part in full-body workouts that incorporate boxing while also providing mitt-work in each class. Members will not only receive an awesome workout but will also learn how to box.

Epic Boxing & Fitness

Head over to Epic Boxing for the ultimate “Spoxing Workout!” This is a new workout designed to burn fat and sculpt the muscles! The workout involves twelve 3-minute rounds, spin bikes, boxing bags, and HIIT. Spoxing looks to confuse the muscles with cardio to result in the Epic Body!

Dance Style Fitness

On-CuE Dance Co.

Get your groove on with On-CuE! On-CuE offers fitness training, dance education, and choreography! Classes are designed to help those in pursuit of dance or performer professions as well as others looking to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Classes offered include personal training, group fitness, cardio dance, belly, butt & thighs, fit boot camps, weightless for women, and weight management for women.

Flava Fitness Studio

Flava Fitness Studio is a pay as you go dance and fitness studio that offers an incredibly positive atmosphere for everyone! The studio takes pride in breaking away from the traditional fitness classes and facilities by removing all of the pressures and establishing a self-love mentality in each of its participants. FFS instills the importance of good mental health, self-love, and physical health. FFS offers 50 classes per week so that you can have fun, feel good, and look amazing, every day of the week!

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Pilates Classes

Club Pilates

For those who love Pilates, or have always wanted to try, head over to Club Pilates in Valrico! Enjoy low-impact, full body workouts that challenge both the body and mind. Those wanting to introduce balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility into their fitness regime should consider Pilates as an incredible way to whip your body into shape!

Mantra Fitness

Founded in 2012, Mantra takes an innovative approach to Pilates, combining cardio and strength training with a focus on both balance and flexibility. Every class is 50 minutes and promotes the importance of mental health. Their workouts focus heavily on core strength, cardio, strength training, balance, and flexibility.

Barre Style Classes

Pure Barre

For all of your barre fitness needs, check out Pure Barre! With 45-50 minute total body workouts, enjoy low impact movements that are designed to burn calories and most importantly, produce results! Members will use the ballet barre and other equipment to move throughout the class and break a sweat while focusing on key parts of the body. Be prepared to have shaky muscles as you strengthen with each and every class!

The Bar Method

Check out The Bar Method for an innovative way to use your own bodyweight for resistance! Challenge yourself with variations of exercises to the beat of the music as you work certain muscles in the proper order for optimal results! The Bar Method looks to reshape the entire body with precise isometric exercises with both active and passive stretching. Check out their signature Bar Method Class (60 mins) for fat burning, the Bar Advanced (60 mins) for the ultimate barre challenge with thigh and seat work. Also, check out the Bar Move class for cardio lovers and the Bar Express (45 mins) class for a full body workout in a shorter time!

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