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While going out for drinks is a go to option when you need a girl’s night out, maybe it’s time to try something new. Getting active with the girls is an option that enriches your body and gets you some quality bonding time. Exercise classes include boxing, yoga, pole dancing, and spinning. Next time you plan a get together, check out one of these classes!

Here’s a list of places in Tampa where you can be active and have fun on your next girls night out.

Punch Boxing

Learn the art of boxing with your gal pals! Punch Boxing is accessible and it’s easy to sign up! You and your friends will burn calories and learn self defense all in one course. Classes are one hour long and include a vigorous interval workout that mixes calisthenics, body weight exercises and boxing from novice to advanced levels.

Yoga Loft

Enjoy all the benefits of yoga with your besties! Yoga Loft offers plenty of class options at an affordable price. Choose a class like Power Vinyasa that’s upbeat or RELAXation Yoga which get’s you centered. Yoga allows you to breath deeply, quiet your mind, and strengthen and heal your body. Smaller classes also help you get the most out of your experience. Choose yoga for your next girl’s night out!

Buttercup Pole Dance

Buttercup Fitness Program emphasizes the necessity of having fun while working out and that’s exactly what you want on your active girls night out! Classes are offered 7 days a week and classes are super accessible. This alternative form of fitness is hard work and something new for everyone to try!

Soho Cycling Studio

This boutique style cycling studio offers a fun and friendly environment for your next girl’s night out! Spinning is especially fun to do with friends because you’re having the same experience doing the same workout. Classes are offered to the beat of music and at different levels so you can choose the best GNO experience.

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