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Are you and your partner adrenaline junkies or want to spice up those date nights? Instead of your usual dinner and a movie or chill date night why not have a little adventure. Here are a few exciting activities you can enjoy on this date night adventure! 

#1 Roller Coasters

How about being dropped at 60 mph? Busch Gardens has precisely that just for your date night! Take a fast and furious ride on their many attractions that will be sure to leave you speechless and wanting to do it again!

Falcon’s Fury: is a free fall ride that stands 335 ft tall, tilts you 90 degrees and drops you at 60 mph, stopping you just as you near the ground. Not only does this ride give you a thrill, for the few seconds you are at the top you have an amazing view over Tampa Bay.   

Cheetah Hunt: is one of the longest roller coasters at Busch Gardens measuring in at 4,400 feet! This speedy ride is a triple launch coaster and races high above the park as well as down low just in time for that photo opp. This ride will be sure to make you feel like the world’s fastest animal

Kumba: Busch Gardens ranks this as their most extreme thrill of them all! Kumba is rated as having the world’s largest vertical loops that will make you feel weightless! After that 135 ft drop, it will be sure to have you feeling like you are in a whole other dimension. 

Tigris: Don’t forget to try out their newest coaster, Tigris. This coaster will also take you up to some amazing views before barrel rolling you and bringing you down for a reverse launch! This short ride packs a lot of punch!

Head out to Busch Gardens for a day full of adventure!

#2 Zip Lining Adventure

Next up on our list is another high flying adventure, zip-lining! Many of these locations also feature high-ropes courses and other activities. Check out our feature article —> Four Places to Go Ziplining in Tampa Bay

#3 Swim with the Sharks

Now the real test … do you think you could take your date swimming with sharks!? At the Florida Aquarium you can enjoy an entirely immersive experience! There are options for certified divers as well as snorkelers. Both options are recorded on small action cameras and participants will receive a copy to take with them as a souvenir. Date going well? Your shark experience includes general admission to the aquarium so feel free to stick around and check out the other exhibits the Aquarium has to offer!

Check out their website for more details.

#4 Indoor Skydiving

Another great way to enjoy a thrill, but without the major expense or risk, is indoor skydiving. Be it a warm up for outdoor skydiving, just a bit of fun, or just to try something new – this is a great way to bond on a date. Check out our feature article for their virtual reality experience —> Virtual Reality is the New Reality at iFLY.

Still think this sounds like a good idea? Go for it! Let you hair down and spice up your next date night. Even if the adventure doesn’t go as planned, you will have a great story to tell and an experience to remember!


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