What’s New in 2020: New Tampa Restaurants You Must Try!

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New Tampa Restaurants

Happy New Year, friends! Now that 2020 is officially in full swing, it’s time to take a look at all of the delicious New Tampa Restaurants. We already have so many awesome places at our disposal and, honestly, we could dine at a new spot every single night if we wanted to! But, now it’s time to expand our favorites list to a handful of new hot spots that have either opened recently or will open in the area this year (2020).

Psomi: A Greek American Bakery and Eatery

701 N. Howard Ave, Tampa

Psomi is a new Greek-style restaurant that opened its doors late last year. Rooted in Greek traditions, Psomi takes great pride in curating awesome food and drink with only the freshest ingredients. According to their site, PSOMI translates to “bread” and can also be translated to mean “the choice piece” or best bite. Psomi is proud to open their doors to anyone and everyone looking for a bite out of Greek traditions. Be sure to stop into the Café for breakfast, lunch, brunch on the weekends, or keep an eye out for catering options coming soon!

Sekushi: Japanese Sushi & Raw Bar

2223 North Westshore Blvd, Unit B-213, Tampa

Located at International Plaza & Bay Street, Sekushi opened its doors after replacing the Lobstah Trap. Opened by Chef Eric Ou, Sekushi is a hot new spot to try fresh seafood made with only the best ingredients! Something that sets Sekushi apart from other sushi restaurants is their use of specialty, high-end products such as foie gras, Japanese A5 Wagyu beef, Kumamoto oysters, uni, and otoro. If you love sushi and love to try new things, Sekushi is the place for you!

Ground Foods Café: An Italian Plant-Based Eatery

6428 N. Florida Ave, Tampa

Head over to Seminole Heights and take a bite out of Ground Foods Café! Here you can enjoy a fast, casual environment with vegan eats as well as beer and wine. Ground Foods focuses on Italian eats and constantly practices a welcoming, relaxed aura to keep people coming back for more. Their goal is to create all of the classic Italian dishes you know and love with more nutritional value and no animal products. Stop by Tuesday through Sunday for delicious, Italian, vegan eats – You won’t regret it!

Photo Credit: groundfoodscafe.com

Counter Culture

2909 W Bay to Bay #100, Tampa

Are you ready to eat on the edge? At Counter Culture, prepare for a collision of modernity and classics with barstool-counter dining that immerses the diners in with the kitchen. Breathe in the open air, order a cocktail, and enjoy Florida patio seating all while you dine on delicious eats. Counter Culture is the place for foodies and is located on Bay to Bay in South Tampa. And, if you loved Counter Culture the first time – be sure to come back again as their menu is always changing!

Forbici: Modern Italian

1509 W Swann Ave, Ste 225, Tampa

If you’ve been to Hyde Park Village lately, chances are you’ve wandered past Forbici. Located on the corner across from the newest Hyde Park additions. This fairly new eatery is the perfect spot for a family date night with top-notch restaurant experience and wonderful dishes rooted in tradition. If you were wondering where the name comes from, the restaurant emphasizes Roman Style Pizza which is cut with scissors or the “forbici!” If you dine here, you can eat in the restaurant or grab your food and go! Check it out.

Meat Market

1606 W Snow Ave, Tampa

Head over to Hyde Park again for another great option! Meat Market opened late Fall 2019 and has been wowing guests ever since. If you want to read more on Meat Market, check out our blog all about it.

Luv Child SoHo

516 S Howard Ave, Tampa

If you keep up with the restaurant scene in SoHo then the chances of you hearing about Luv Child are high! Luv Child opened in the fall and has been serving up delicious Cuban-style cuisine ever since. Want to read more on Luv Child? We have a blog dedicated to this hot spot too—> Luv Child is Now Open in Tampa!

Photo Credit: Sarah Rigby

Rocca Tampa

323 West Palm Ave., Tampa

Located near Armature Works, Rocca has been causing quite the buzz on the Tampa Bay foodie scene even giving the Tampa Bay Times food critic a shock earning his very first “10”. Rocca is an Italian eatery that offers incredible hospitality and impeccable views of Tampa Bay in The Heights District. Dine-In for a bite of Chef Bryce Bonsack’s fresh, homemade pasta and so much more. Something truly special about Rocca is it’s Tampa based roots with the Chef and Assistant Manager both hailing from the Bay. Be sure to stop in the next time your over by Armature Works and enjoy a bite out of Italy with the freshest, seasonal ingredients around!

Old School South Tampa

2202 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa

Head over to Old School's South Tampa location and enjoy live music, drinks, and eats! This is not like any other bar, that's for sure. They just opened recently and their menu is not to be missed with delicious options such as Lollipop Chicken Wings, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Avocado Toast, and more. Stop in, grab a bite or a drink, and enjoy all of their live performances!

Olivia: A Modern Italian Restaurant

3601 W. Swann Ave. Tampa

Head over to Swann Ave for a new take on Modern Italian food! Olivia is a great new Italian option to grace the Tampa Bay with delicious flavor and a creative menu. They describe their atmosphere as “casual sophistication” and don’t skimp on the authenticity! When you dine at Olivia you dine for the experience, as well as the food as you watch the kitchen create all of the authentic Italian staples you love such as mozzarella, pasta, ravioli, pizza doughs, and more.

New Tampa Restaurants
Photo Credit: Olivia Tampa

Coming Soon

Along with all of the already existing eateries, there are a couple more that are set to open this year and will surely “wow” your taste-buds. Take a look!

Fly Bar & Restaurant

442 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa

If you’re familiar with the Tampa food scene, you may remember Fly Bar & Restaurant! This spot opened its doors in the mid-2000s and closed in 2018. Now, almost two full years later, Fly Bar & Restaurant is set to re-open just a few doors down from Oxford Exchange. Keep an eye and an ear out for an official opening date – you won’t want to miss this place, especially if you never dined here during its first run.

Rome + Fig Bistro

301 N Rome Ave, Tampa

Rome + Fig is an original bistro set to open in North Hyde Park this month (Jan 2020)! They claim to offer a “contemporary world cuisine” in a beautiful setting that is both stylish and comfortable. They set out to blend both the rustic notes of Napa Valley with the coastal hints of what they call, Florida Chic. Follow them on social media to await an opening date.

New Tampa Restaurants
Photo Credit: Fly Bar & Restaurant

Featured New Tampa Restaurants Image Credit: Counter Culture Tampa Bay

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