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Sunken Gardens is a hidden gem of Tampa Bay. Located on 4th street, Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg is a botanical paradise filled with exotic plants and flowers up to 100 years old. As the oldest museum in St. Pete, and one of the last “roadside attractions” in Florida, the Sunken Gardens is a perfect date idea for plant-lovers and history-lovers alike.

We’re sharing what makes Sunken Gardens one of our favorite Tampa area date ideas including important tips you should know before you go. Sunken Gardens is also part of our Ultimate St. Pete Date Guide.

What to See at Sunken Gardens St. Pete

  • Exotic plants
  • Walking trails
  • Wildlife exhibits
  • History Center
  • Guided tour included

Visiting Sunken Gardens, Florida

The main attraction is the large collection of exotic plants. The lush landscape feels like a tropical oasis and yet is reminiscent of vintage Florida attractions.

And there is more to see, Sunken Gardens also has beautiful walking trails, extraordinary wildlife, grand waterfalls, and of course, blooming gardens for couples to enjoy. Couples can choose to walk through the beauty alone or partake in a guided tour (for no extra cost) to learn more about the plant species, as well as the history of this living museum itself.

Pathway and Pond at Sunken Gardens St. Peterburg - Dani Meyering
Pathway and Pond at Sunken Gardens St. Peterburg – Dani Meyering


There are multiple seating areas throughout the entire garden. Take advantage of these spots. Besides resting your feet, these spots crank up the romance factor. Slow down and enjoy a few quiet moments.

The gardens are smaller than you may realize, so sitting for a spell or two throughout your stroll will help you get your money’s worth.

Seating area at Sunken Gardens St. Peterburg - Dani Meyering
Seating area at Sunken Gardens St. Peterburg – Dani Meyering


In addition to tours, Sunken Gardens also holds occasional special events. Visit Sunken Gardens‘ website for details on special events.

The caretakers incorporate Florida’s wildflowers into various parts of the exotic gardens to attract and support butterflies, bees, and birds. So you and your honey can enjoy some of Florida’s natural beauty and Florida’s wildlife gets to have a place to frolic too!

Important Tips

  • Restrooms are located at the entrance /welcome center, not inside the gardens
  • Pack a refillable water bottle, there is a station at the welcome center and one inside the gardens
  • There are no food concessions inside the gardens
  • Take your time, otherwise you may walk through the entire garden before you realize it
  • Spring is an ideal time to visit as many flowers are in bloom during this time. Still, there are so many exotic palm trees and other foliage that make Sunken Gardens a beautiful date idea any time of year.
  • Parking can get full on busy weekends and other popular periods. Overflow parking is available at Crescent Lake Park.
Sunken Gardens Flamingos in water
Sunken Gardens Flamingos – Dani Meyering

Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg Pricing and Info

Admission is $15 per adult and parking is free, making it an extremely affordable day date for all.

If you and your loved one fall in love with Sunken Gardens, you can also choose to buy a year-long membership for only $100 a family or sign up to volunteer. The last admission is sold at 4 p.m. daily.

Overflow parking is available along Crescent Lake Park (street parking) on the west side of 4th St. along 22nd Ave. N.

Sunken Gardens address
Address: 1825 4th St. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Tropical Flower at Sunken Gardens St. Pete
Tropical Flower at Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg – Dani Meyering

Sunken Gardens Tampa History

Although technically in St. Petersburg, Sunken Gardens is a Tampa area gem and landmark. The City of St. Petersburg purchased Sunken Gardens in 1999 with funds from a voter-approved tax. With the original vision in mind, the City works to preserve this historic botanical garden and use it to provide cultural and educational opportunities to the community.

History Center Sign at Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg
History Center Sign at Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg – Dani Meyering


Be sure to stop by the charming History Center located near the flamingo pond. This small history center has lots of important details and features historical photographs and video clips.

Weddings at Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens hosts dozens of weddings each year. If you and your loved one think you’re ready to tie the knot, there is no better place to exchange vows than within this romantic oasis. Sunken Gardens St. Pete is truly a sight to see and is not to be missed with your love.

Table and Chairs at Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg
Table and Chairs at Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg – Dani Meyering