John's pass
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John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk is a semi-large shopping area perfect for a day date. Despite having over 100 merchants within its boundaries, it has quite the quaint feel. Located just across the street from Madeira Beach, John’s Pass provides tourists and locals with plenty of activities and opportunities for fun, while the boardwalk offers views of the water, pelicans, boats, dolphins and more!

The Shops

Del Sol

Del Sol is a specialty shop the sells clothing, accessories, nail polish and sunglasses that change color in the sun. In one of the sunniest states in the U.S., something from here would be wearable most of the year!

DD Collectables

Visitors may be surprised to find a collectibles shop so close to the beach. D.D. Collectables has signed baseballs, guitars, C.D.s, jerseys and more! There are photos signed by Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Hobbit cast, Johnny Pesky and many other famous talents. The store also carries movie, music, and sports paraphernalia.

John's Pass
Photo Credit: DD Collectibles

Island Rags

This shop sells everything from beach apparel to souvenirs to alligator heads. It is a touristy shop but it is worth checking out. Customers can pick up a gift for a friend or a souvenir for themselves so they can remember the good time they had at John’s Pass. 

The Florida Winery

Award-winning winery, The Florida Winery, makes wine right in the back of the store. There is a tasting bar where guests can sample these wines. The shop sells wine, mixers, meat rubs, and alcohol-themed home decor and accessories.

John’s Pass also has a leather store, sports store, tea store and many others to explore during your trip.

John's Pass
Photo Credit: The Florida Winery

The Food

Delosa’s Pizza

Are you looking for New York-style pizza in Florida? Look no farther than Delosa’s Pizza. Delosa’s serves by the slice or whole pizza. There are plenty of snacks, including garlic knots, that can be bought to go and enjoyed on the beach.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Bubba Gump is a fishing boat themed restaurant based on the restaurant mentioned in the movie Forrest Gump. Visitors can get seafood to eat by the sea and a Forrest Gump throwback.

Friendly Fisherman

Located on the John’s Pass Boardwalk, Friendly Fisherman offers patrons a view of the Pass, where dolphins can often be seen. On the menu is fresh seafood and a fun dining experience. The best part for anybody who went fishing during the day is that the restaurant will cook the fish they caught! 

John's Pass
Photo Credit: Friendly Fisherman

The Activites

Pirate Ship

Royal Conquest is a 46-foot boat made to look like a pirate ship. Aboard the ship, guests can participate in a dance party and a treasure hunt. There will also be pirate stories and face painting. Goofy couples can each get a face painting and take silly photos everywhere they go after!

Jet Ski

Among the popular activities in John’s Pass is jet skiing. Woody’s Watersports has jet skis available for rent. A boating license is required, but Woody’s offers temporary ones, so everyone can enjoy skiing around. So get out and hit the waves!


For more adventurous people, there are parasailing options available, including Gators Parasailing. Parasailers will glide 400 feet up and will be able to see the Pass, Tropicana Field and more! It could be the perfect way to end a fun and romantic day!


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