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Looking for a History Museum? For all the history lovers in Tampa Bay, there are plenty of museums for you to visit. Not all of the museums on this list focus on Tampa Bay history, but each place is worth checking out!

Henry B. Plant Museum

Located in Plant Hall at the University of Tampa, visitors can learn more about this historic building as well as about Henry Plant, who is credited with helping build up Tampa, and the Spanish-American War. Admission includes an audio tour so you can enjoy the Museum at your own pace. This Museum may be small, but it houses a lot of history. After visiting the Museum, check out Plant Hall. There is the grand dining room where Babe Ruth, one of the most celebrated baseball players in history, signed his first baseball contract. When Plant Hall was a hotel, the U.S. military used the hotel during the Spanish-American War as an operations base. Plant Hall is one of the most recognizable buildings in Tampa because of the building’s brick design and minarets! For visiting one building, you and your date will get to see the location of many crucial historical moments.

Photo Credit: Henry B. Plant Museum

St. Petersburg Museum of History

SPMOH has many exhibits showcasing local and international history. Some exhibits include photos that show the history of St. Pete, a gallery showcasing the United State’s first commercial flight, and Korea’s forgotten war. Ancient history fans will enjoy the mummy and a replica of King Tut’s tomb that you can visit without being cursed! SPMOH is also home to Schrader’s Little Cooperstown. If you and your date love baseball, make sure you go here. The world’s largest signed baseball collection is housed here, along with artifacts from baseball legends including Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Joe Jackson and Joe DiMaggio. For any couple who wants a little bit of everything, this is the Museum to visit!

history museum
Photo Credit: St. Petersburg’s Museum of History

Ybor City Museum

Ybor City has been called the “Cigar Capital of the World” and is one of two National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida. Instead of going on a bar or club date in Ybor, visit the Ybor City Museum. Learn about Ybor from the 1800s and how it developed over time – there’s more to Ybor than the main strip! The Museum is located inside an old bakery that functioned from 1835 to 1973. There are permanent exhibits with everything from the history of the cigar industry to various immigrant groups. This Museum is the perfect date spot to learn about one of the most unique and historical places in the state.

Photo Credit: Ybor City Museum

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World may not be a history museum itself, but there is a prehistoric museum within the park giving you a pluthera of dinosaur background. Dates here will be a mixture of educational and fun. In the park, you can play, see life-size animatronic dinosaurs, and learn in interactive exhibits. In the prehistoric Museum, there are fossils and informational panels that have facts about different types of dinosaurs. Dinosaur World is the Museum you and your date can visit when you want an educational but exciting date!

history museum
Photo Credit: Dinosaur World

Pioneer Florida Museum and Village

The Pioneer Florida Museum and Village let guests take a step back in time to see old tools, equipment, carriages, and household items. Visitors will get to explore the 10 main buildings on the grounds. Eight of the buildings have been moved to the Museum from their original location, so guests can see what buildings from other parts of Florida look like too. Old courthouse record books are available for guests to flip through at the on-site history center. You never know what interesting thing you may see! The museum also hosts special events, including a Christmas market, so check the calendar in advance!

Photo Credit: Pioneer Museum


Featured Image Credit: Henry B. Plant Museum
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