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We've updated our list of best kayaking dates, and it's a winner!  Be sure to check out

10 Great Spots to Go Kayaking in Tampa


Grab your adventure buddy and head to Get Up And Go Kayaking. Choose from multiple locations across the Sunshine State and explore your state like never before! What sets Get Up and Go Kayaking apart from other kayaking tours, is the 100% clear kayaks! You’ll be immersed in your surroundings and have a first-hand view of the water below you. The see-through kayaks allow the clearest visibility for your viewing pleasure and will also lend itself to an awesome Instagram post!

Check out the five different tours that Get Up and Go Kayaking has to offer! There is Rock Springs Tours, Crystal River/Manatee Tours, Rainbow Springs, Winter Park/Sunset Tours, Tampa Bay Tours, and Bioluminescent Tours.

Rock Springs Tours

This tour is great for those looking for crystal clear water with a beginner/intermediate paddle upstream followed by a relaxing float back down to the launch site. This tour also offers several deep areas where tour-goers can take a dip in the beautiful springs. Look out for turtles, birds, fish, otters, deer, alligators, and more!

Crystal River/Manatee Tours

Enjoy the calm waters of Crystal River into Hunter Springs and Three Sisters Springs. Guided manatee tours are offered here so that tour-goers can get a chance to view them under their kayaks. The best months to view a manatee varies from November-March! So check this tour out soon! Year-round wildlife will include dolphins, fish, turtles, birds, and more.


Rainbow Springs

Head over to Rainbow Springs and enjoy the crystal-like waters perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, adventure-seeker, or anyone in between! During Florida’s colder months, manatees may be seen from the launch area or right under your kayak. Year-round, expect to see fish, turtles, otters, birds, alligators, and more! These tours offer 2-2.5 hour beginner paddle excursions as well with a more intermediate all-day paddle excursion occurring on Fridays with an included lunch. Swimming at Rainbow Springs is permitted as well, in deeper areas, if boat traffic allows!

Winter Park/Sunset Tours

This beautiful tour allows guests to gleam across three of Winter Park’s most beautiful lakes. Enjoy a sunset excursion or a daytime coast across the water through Venetian style canals showcasing some of Florida’s most beautiful flora and fauna. Copious birds, fish, and other wildlife will be guaranteed to spot along your tour hidden amongst the gorgeous homes scattered along the lakes.

Tampa Bay Tours

Get Up and Go Kayaking just released a brand new location right outside of Tampa Bay! This tour is an awesome adventure to Shell Key where guests can see manatee, dolphin mangroves, starfish and more! This new tour is totally picturesque with tons of little stops to take photos and learn a bit about the wildlife in the area. Tours are both daytime and sunset tours starting at $55 per person for approximately 2-2.5 hours. Guests will depart from Tierra Verde, FL. Reservations are required.

Bioluminescent Kayaking

Starting at the end of May, enjoy a bioluminescent tour allowing kayakers to view glowing fish underwater as they swim and as you paddle. The beautiful natural glide of the water will illuminate the marine wildlife and the clear kayaks will lend themselves for the perfect viewing method. These tours are seasonal, and end in October, so guests interested in this tour should book in advance and follow the moon phases for the darkest nights, to see the most bioluminescent marine life. Because these tours launch from Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge in Titusville, large manatees and dolphins may frequent the excursion experience as well, so keep an eye out!


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Feature Image Credit: Get up and Go Kayaking


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