The Candle Pour Hyde Park
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With the rise of popular candle shops, timeless scents, and self-care, it’s no wonder candles have become a major trend and a staple in every home. Unfortunately, with larger companies producing at a larger scale for hundreds of thousands of locations across the country, the uniqueness of the retail candle is nonexistent. Everyone has some variation of the same scents that are manufactured over and over again and it is not uncommon to have friends or family with the exact same candle as you. Talk about monotonous! Luckily for us Tampa residents, The Candle Pour has officially opened in Hyde Park Village!

About The Candle Pour

The Candle Pour is a whole new way to get your candle fix and the best part of The Candle Pour is the shop is a “pour-your-own candle experience”! This means that candle enthusiasts can pop in, design, and create their own scented candle combinations. When you walk in the front door, a member of the friendly Candle Pour staff will situate you with a clipboard as you peruse all of the different candle fragrances, 100 to be exact!

How it Works

Once you find your fragrance, you get to choose your container, and, with the help of an employee, you will be able to pour your own “all-natural soy wax” into your container to create your own candle! Employees will ensure proper wicking and pouring so that your candle looks as professionally made as the retail candles you have stored under your bathroom sink! The Candle Pour also offers a flameless option for those scent lovers who prefer reed diffusers, sprays, or wax melts!

The best part about The Candle Pour is its importance on family! With Hyde Park Village being an epicenter for families for years, it was vital to have another spot that the whole family can enjoy. So, bring the kiddos, load up the car, and check out The Candle Pour.

Note: Once your candles are mixed, it does take up to an hour and a half for the wax to fully set, so prepare to grab lunch or shop around while you wait! The Candle Pour staff will even deliver the fresh candles right to you if need be! Check it out!

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