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armature works

Whether you’re new in town or have been here for a while, you know that Tampa has a number of fun date spots and restaurants. And as time goes on, that number just keeps rising. One of Tampa’s newest additions to the date scene is Armature Works, a public market and food hub for everyone. If that sounds like a good date to you, stay tuned to see what an Armature Works day date has to offer.

What It Is

Located in the Tampa Heights neighborhood, Armature Works recently opened just a few months ago to the public. It’s right on the edge of the Hillsborough River, making it accessible to boats as well as other modes of transportation. The market itself has a large outdoor area with tables for eating and socializing. Inside the renovated building, you’ll find the public market, event spaces, a co-working space and more. If you’re into photography, the entire building is full of textures and architecture that makes for beautiful backdrops for any photo.

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The Eateries

A meal is always a good addition to a date! And at Armature Works, you won’t be lacking in options. There are many food choices available, from sushi to empanadas to pizzas and more. Some of the restaurants offering the delicious food include Steelbach, Graze 1910, Ava, Ichicoro Imoto, Inside the Box, and many more. And if you have any sort of dietary restriction, chances are you’ll still find something great to eat. Armature Works has even posted a menu showcasing the vegan options currently available and has plans to release a gluten free menu as well.

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With a place this awesome, it’s no surprise that there are a various events occurring on a weekly basis. If you want to keep track of what’s happening when at Armature Works, check out the calendar for event listings. One of the highlights is the completely free monthly Yoga on the Lawn event, held on one Sunday a month from 9:30-10:30am. And if the weather is looking bad, you don’t have to worry about getting rained on or losing your chance at yoga as the event will be moved indoors.

Other events are added and removed each month, so you’re always sure to find something interesting. Some of the events that have or will occur in June include live music on Thursdays, an Indie Flea, seafood and wine tastings and more.

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The Market

Along with the many different restaurants and dining options, Armature Works’ public market also includes a small general store, A.W. Mercantile. Here, you can find many products, from soaps to pillows and more, available for sale. There is also a plant stand with flowers and succulents available for you to take home. Additionally, you can even buy fresh produce, spices ad sauces at Armature Works, as well.


If you find yourself needing a place to go for your next date, you can’t go wrong with Armature Works.


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