Busch Gardens Summer Nights
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Thrill seekers rejoice! Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Florida continues to add more thrills to its repertoire. The Serengeti Flyer — the fastest, tallest ride of its kind in the world, the latest ride adding more excitement in addition to the great roller coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Let’s revisit the latest and greatest thrill rides at Busch Gardens so you can plan the perfect thrill seekers’ date.

Thrill-Seekers’ Date Night at Busch Gardens Tampa

Before we share what’s so different about the new Serengeti Flyer ride, let’s quickly recap the thrills rides at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

  • Iron Gwazi
  • Tigris
  • Cheetah Hunt
  • Falcon’s Fury
  • Serengeti Flyer
  • Sheikra
  • Montu
  • Kumba

Serengeti Flyer

On February 27, the Serengeti Flyer opened in Nairobi section of the park. This attraction is not a roller coaster, making it a good option for those who aren’t fans of that kind of motion.

“This is something you can definitely do instead, this is not a roller coaster,” explained Andrew Schaffer, corporate director at Sea World Parks and Entertainment. “It’s a flat ride — it’s considered a spring and swing.”

The ride features two dueling gondolas with each gondola carrying 20 people, so 40 people in all will get to experience the thrill at the same time.

You will experience negative G’s as you head back toward Earth and of course, the views from the top will be spectacular no matter where you sit.

“You can see pretty much the entire view of the park sitting on one side like Cheetah Hunt, Gwazi, you can even see downtown Tampa and then from the other side, you can see all of the animals that are out there, 65 acres of animals on the other side,” Schaffer explained.


Serengeti Flyer Concept Art
Serengeti Flyer Concept ArtWe’re so excited for the Serengeti Flyer to debut, but in the meantime, there are plenty of big thrills to be found at Busch Gardens for adventure-seeking couples.

NEWS! If you want even more thrills, we’ve received word that Serengeti Flyer is amped up after 1:00pm each day! If you are a big thrill seeker then the afternoon and evening are the time to experience this attraction.

DISCOVER: What it’s like to ride the NEW Serengeti Flyer at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Iron Gwazi

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s newest roller coaster is racking up accolades like “Best New Rollercoaster in 2022.” And it’s no secret why — Iron Gwazi delivers the thrills by being the steepest and fastest hybrid coaster in the world. Iron Gwazi, a steel coaster, features 12 airtime moments and three inversions, with speeds up to 76 miles per hour.


Busch Gardens ranks this coaster’s thrill level as high — so you know you are in for a wild ride. Tigris reaches heights of 150 feet and speeds over 60 mph. You’ll go forward, you’ll go backward. You’ll experience twists, you’ll turn, you’ll roll. When you’re done, you’ll be glad you have someone with you to lean on.

Cheetah Hunt

A decade into its reign, the Cheetah Hunt triple-launch roller coaster still feels fresh and exhilarating. Cheetah Hunt is the longest roller coaster in Tampa Bay clocking in at 4,400 feet of track. The sheer size of this coaster makes it an iconic part of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s skyline. No thrill-seeking date at Busch Gardens is complete without a visit to Cheetah Hunt.

Busch Gardens Cheetah Hunt
Photo Credit: Busch Gardens

Falcon’s Fury

Not all thrills come from Busch Gardens’ coasters — Falcons Fury is sure to make your stomach drop with a 300-foot free fall all while directly facing the pavement below. Speeds reach 60 mph. Schedule a few minutes to catch your breath when you’re done.

Classic Roller Coasters

While we’ve highlighted the latest and greatest, don’t sleep on the tried and true. Roller coasters like Sheikra, Montu and Kumba are staples at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay but are still excellent adrenaline sources for riders. They’re some of our favorite rides!

Beyond the Thrills

Looking to wind down after a day of enjoying the thrill rides at Busch Gardens? We love that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is also home to tons of great festivals like Food & Wine, Bier Fest, Christmas Town and Summer Nights with concerts and fireworks.
If you aren’t visiting during one of those times (or even if you are), take a look at the Serengeti Safari tour. Take in an up-close look at African wildlife on the 65-acre Serengeti Plain. Tickets start at $39.99 per person.
For the best possible date night, we recommend you mix in some chill time to get with all that thrill time.
Nothing is more chill at Busch Gardens than the new Springs Taproom. A laidback spot to take a break and enjoy beer, cocktails and a great menu. You’ll find the Springs Taproom in the former Hospitality House , but has been totally renovated to blend its history with a modern twist. 
Image Credit: Brie Gorecki


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