Best Tampa Bay Restaurants for the Vegan Couple

Tampa vegan restaurants

With the Tampa Bay area being a hot spot for animal lovers (we have loads of pet-friendly date night spots) it only makes sense that our backyard is equally known for its cruelty-free, vegan restaurants. Sure, these restaurants are known for their lack of animal-based products, but they wow with culinary creativity, too. Check out these wildly popular Tampa vegan and plant-centric restaurants.

Cider Press Cafe – Raw, Vegan

Multiple award-winning Cider Press Cafe in St. Petersburg is known for its delicious food selections that you would never guess were both raw and vegan! Never skimping on flavor, Cider Press Cafe stands by their Hippocrates saying, “Let food be thy medicine.” The brainchild of Johan Everstijn and Roland Strobel, who both lost parents far too soon, the idea for this eatery was inspired by their commitment to bringing healthy alternatives to the otherwise “garbage in – garbage out” fast food mentality that has spread nationwide.

Bamboozle Cafe – Vegan, Gluten Free

Located in Downtown Tampa, Bamboozle Cafe offers its customers healthy Vietnamese dishes, a variety of Pho dishes, and all with both vegan and gluten free options. Bamboozle uses ingredients that are also wholesome and healthful bringing a unique take on the more traditional dishes they provide such as their Tofu Fresh Roll and Noodle Salads.

Tampa Vegan Restaurants
Photo Credit: Bamboozle Cafe

Leafy Greens Cafe – Gluten Free, Non-GMO

An award-winning restaurant that has been featured in Creative Loafing and Food Network, Leafy Greens in Downtown St. Pete provides an eclectic variety of dishes that boasts gluten-free options such as such as Lemon Basil Zucchini Pasta, Tuscan Pizza and Chocolate Pie. And Leafy Greens prides themselves in offering all non-GMO ingredients.

Tampa Vegan Restaurants
Photo Credit: Leafy Greens Cafe

Meze 119 Vegetarian Bistro – Vegan, Vegetarian

Known for their modern Middle Eastern take on lunch and dinner, Meze offers culinary options for almost any palate. With varieties that include both vegan and vegetarian options, there is sure to be something for everyone in your group. Keep an eye out for their daily specials that aren’t featured on the menu such as their Vegan “Chicken” Marsala.

Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine – Vegan

With a Tampa location on Fletcher Avenue, Loving Hut is known nationwide for its vegan cuisine as well as its scratch kitchen! Do you have any specific food allergies? Just let the chef know and they will whip up something special just for you. Keep in mind, even though this is a “franchise” each location has a different menu. LovingHut.US

Tampa Vegan Restaurants
Photo Credit: Loving Hut Tampa

Gourmet Pizza Company – Vegan, Gluten Free

Gourmet Pizza Company is a staple for pizza lovers and foodies alike. While not gluten free or vegan by nature, this focused pizzeria has nailed their gluten free dough and provides Daiya vegan cheese to pile on top of your veggies.

Tampa Vegan Restaurants
Photo Credit: Gourmet Pizza Company

Lotus Vegan Restaurant and Buffet – Vegan, Vegetarian

One of the few vegan buffets in existence (possibly the only one in the area), Lotus Vegan Restaurant and Buffet offers an all you can eat dining option for vegans and vegetarians. Enjoy a wide selection of vegan Asian-style food options during lunch and all day on the 3rd Saturday of every month. LotusVegan.US

Nature’s Food Patch Cafe and Deli – Fair Trade, Vegetarian

A grocery store that offers a full cafe and deli with ready-made meals, this Clearwater shop has become a staple for locals. Both meat eaters and veggie lovers alike enjoy this culinary gem. What’s better? Nature’s Food Patch has been actively involved in fighting against GMOs for the past 15 years and strives to promote non-GMO foods in their store. This place will quickly be your one-stop-shop to spend the day getting your groceries for the week. Finish up your shopping by grabbing a healthful vegetarian lunch such as their delicious freshly pressed juices and fair trade coffee. Pair your beverage with one of their salads or wraps.

Tampa Vegan Restaurants
Photo Credit: Nature’s Food Patch

Craft Kafe – Gluten Free, Vegan

Craft Kafe is a gluten-free café serving up all types of food, but they are most known for their vegan options. This cute spot is perfect for both a breakfast and lunch date for couples. They offer daily specials, including vegan soups and pastries, as well as tasty options that are always available. This includes the vegan burger made with a quinoa and mushroom blend, as well as other vegan sandwiches. Craft’s cold brew is also to die for.

Like Community Café (below), this local spot also offers meals for meat-eaters and dairy-eaters alike. This is the place for you if you and your loved one are trying to compromise on eating plant-based or not.

Love Food Central – Vegan, Gluten Free

Love Food is known to be St. Pete’s vegan and gluten free “comfort food” restaurant. With some delicious raw treats on their menu too, Love Food Central is a favorite among locals. With sweet specials, such as a raw Key Lime pie, Jack-fruit BBQ sandwiches and daily soup specials, the menu is packed full of flavors that will win over even your most meat-loving dining companions.

Tampa Vegan Restaurants
Photo Credit: Love Food Central

Community Café – Vegan, Vegetarian

Community Café is a cute café serving up vegan and vegetarian dishes to couples. The owners want their restaurant to be you and your loved one’s “home away from home,” and have couches, board games, and books for you to enjoy while munching on their tasty cuisine.

Community Café does offer a few meals with meat/cheese if you and your loved are moving towards an entirely plant-based diet and are not quite there yet. However, their vegan options are absolutely delicious. They are known for their vegan soups, a Pesto Tofu Panini, Green Tomato “Vacon” Melts, made with vegan bacon, and a “Tun-not” vegan tuna melt.

This is a perfect spot to visit if you or your significant other are vegan but the other is not. Community Café makes everybody happy.

Ray’s Vegan Soul – Vegan

Ray’s Vegan Soul is exactly what it sounds like – a quaint plant-based restaurant dishing up soul food to you and your significant other. This place wants to satisfy both your soul and your appetite.

In terms of the menu, it changes often as the chefs at Ray’s always and only use food that is in season. Organic and fresh produce is very important for those living a plant-based lifestyle and this is the same for Ray’s. You and your loved one must simply go check it out in order to see what is on the menu for that particular day, however recently, Ray’s has been dishing up Buffalo Mushroom Bites, Eggless Egg Salad, Vegan “Beefaroni” and much more. All are offered for a more than reasonable price considering all the love Ray’s puts into its food.

Lastly, this place caters if you and your partner are looking to cater a party (or your wedding) anytime soon.



Feature Tampa vegan restaurants Image Credit: Love Food Central

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