With Tampa Bay experiencing a boom of culinary exploration, food tours have become all the rage for locals and visitors alike. Our area holds a wide range of epicurean experiences, making Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota prime hot spots for food lovers. Here are the top Tampa food tours on our list for the perfect date night for any Tampa foodie.

Eat St. Pete Food Tours

Focusing on locally owned and operated restaurants, this food tour will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the quaint (but quickly growing) town of St. Petersburg.

Choose from two food tour options:

  • Visit five locations on the Edge of Downtown tour, which combines the culinary flavors of St. Pete with its trademark brewery scene. 
  • Further west of downtown St. Pete, the Grand Central District Tour offers a more diverse experience with delicious and unique food options that deliver a more southern twist! Ever eaten at a converted gas station before?


Food Tours
Photo Credit: Eat St Pete Food Tours Facebook Page

Ybor City Food Tours

historic exploration highlighting the rustic architecture and small-time mom and pop shops that make the multicultural city all that it is today, the Ybor City Food Tours allows you to experience that history and culture through a culinary expedition through farmers markets, Cuban eateries and locations that allow you to bring your four-legged best friend!

There are 11 different food tours to choose from – including corporate and private events – with approximately seven different stopping points per tour. Our favorite? The Cuban Sandwich Food Tour! YborCityFoodTours.com

food tours
Photo Credit: Ybor City Food Tours Facebook Page

Gourmet Trek

Gourmet Trek Food Tours allows you to choose from locations such as Sarasota, Dunedin and Ybor City for a taste of each location’s rich history and food culture. You will be introduced to culinary experiences such as family owned seafood shops in Dunedin or Cuban Sandwiches in Ybor. Be sure to keep an eye out for their boat and wine tours as well! GourmetTrek.com

food tours
Photo Credit: Gourmet Trek Facebook Page

Harbor Food Tours

With a town as unique as Safety Harbor, we knew they had to have a food tour available to highlight the more than 30 different restaurants in its local foodie scene. Harbor Food Tours offers an expedition that not only pays homage to the local fare but also points out unique art around Safety Harbor that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Be sure to check out their calendar if you have a specific type of cuisine or menu you’d like to check out on your tour. HarborFoodTours.com

Food Tours
Photo Credit: Harbor Food Tours Facebook Page


Feature Image Credit: Eat St Pete Food Tours

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