Stay At Home Date Ideas

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stay at home date ideas

Summer in Florida is hot and rainy, which can make it difficult to go outside. Or maybe you decide it is not worth leaving the house in the heat and rain. Coming up with fun things to do with your significant other, that you haven’t already done, might seem impossible and you may end up sitting on your couch watching the same thing for the thousandth time. Surprise your date with an enjoyable day or night. All the ideas below are free things you can do at home! You don’t have to follow each one as it says, you can create your own versions of these stay at home date ideas!

  1. Build A Fort

Building a fort is a time-honored tradition amongst kids. However, you don’t have to be a kid to make one. Choose a location in your home and gather up all your pillows and blankets. It’ll be a good teamwork activity and put your building skills to the test. Make sure your fort is big enough to eat or watch a movie, because everything is better from inside a fort.

  1. See Who Can Cook the Best Grilled Cheese

Many people already have the ingredients for grilled cheese in the house. You don’t even have to use sliced cheese; you can use shredded. Be adventurous! See what kinds of other things you can add to your grilled cheese and still have it be delicious. If one of you doesn’t like grilled cheese, select another dish that you can both can try to cook. If there isn’t anything that you both can make, each attempt to prepare the most creative dinner in a set amount of time. You’ll both have fun trying to see who can cook the best grilled cheese or food with whatever you have in your kitchen.

  1. Film A YouTube Video

You and your partner don’t have to be creative to write and film a YouTube video. It doesn’t have to be good. Try writing a funny song or ridiculous video short that you can record. Be extra and produce a music video to go with your song that you both can dress-up and dance in! Post it on YouTube and see how many views you get. It could go viral!

  1. Watch A Movie with A Terrible Rotten Tomato Score

Take your dinner, dessert, or snack and get comfy in your fort, or on your couch. Google the lowest scoring Rotten Tomato movies of all time and pick one for you and your partner to check out. You might be pleasantly surprised by the film, or maybe you both sit and laugh during a terrible movie. 50-worst-summer-movies-of-all-time

  1. Do Something Artsy

You don’t have to be at a paint and sip place to get artsy. Grab a coloring book, paper or something else to color on and something to color with. Then, go to town! If you have macaroni, glue and cardboard, you can even construct a frame for your masterpiece. When you’re done, show each other your work. Then, take a cute selfie to showcase your art skills and exchange drawings so the other person can hang it up at work. You’ll have a new piece of art and a reminder of the great time you had on your date!

  1. Have A Movie Marathon

Instead of sitting and watching a couple of the movies from a series, watch them all! Be ambitious and watch all eight Harry Potter or Fast and Furious movies. (Warning: Harry Potter will take you a few days!) In case you have work the next day or don’t have the time, pick a shorter series with three or four movies so you can still have your marathon. You can also choose an author’s movies to view, like Nicholas Sparks or Stephen King movies.


Weather these are right up your alley or you just use them as inspiration, think outside the box and look around your home for inspiration when the weather is not ideal to go out. Enjoy one of the many stay at home date ideas or variation there of!

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