Stay at Home Date Ideas

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We’ve all had one of those days when we really want to go out and have a romantic date but we also want to stay in the comfort of our home. What a dilemma, isn’t it? Well, worry no more! Here are some stay-at-home date ideas for you and your partner! And with the recent dilemma on our hands we could all use some ideas on what to do at home! 

1. Nerf Battle

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many places out there that hold battles with Nerf guns. Maybe you are just feeling like having a fun date at your nearest paintball range. Nerf guns can cost anything between $5 and $500 on Amazon, so it is completely up to you how much you’d like to spend on this date! Buy some Nerf guns and chase each other around the house while shooting their soft like bullets! 

2. Camping

Who made the rule that camping is only for the outside world? You are an adult now! Which means that you can make your own rules and camp inside the house. Again, you can either build your own tent with home supplies such as some cushions and blankets or you can buy an actual tent and set it at home! To make this better, create a set of rules to follow during your camping experience: no turning on the lights of the house, no cellphones, no music, etc. Play some forest sounds in the background and you have the perfect camping date ever!

3. Wii Sports

True, playing with your Wii is technically not an outdoorsy activity, but if you are really want to play tennis, bowling or any other sport, Wii Sports is the way to go! No more renting a court and playing under the scorching sun! Now you and your partner can just press start and play for hours from the coziness of your living room! 

4. Body painting

There is nothing more romantic than creating artwork together! Many couples go to sculpting or painting sessions to let out their creative side and have a good time. The good news is that with just some brushes and body-safe painting you can have the night of your life without leaving your bed! Lay down and let your significant other paint your back as you enjoy some relaxing music. 

5. Cooking competition

Going out to eat is definitely a classic date that will never get old and cooking at home seems like another normal day in your lives, so spice it up and turn the whole thing into a competition. The rules are simple: You must be honest at the end and confess which dish was the best, all hard feelings aside. Cook at the same time or separately and decide who is the Master Chef in your house. 

6. Guess the food

Talking about food, make your date even more interesting and throw blindfolds into the mix. Play the guessing game and see how good your senses are! You can either combine this date with the one above or simply create a completely different game to play with your partner! Try different plates, snacks and trick your other half with salty, sweet and sour foods. 

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