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Everyone is always trying to add spontaneity to their dating life, but sometimes it’s hard to do. Look no further, though because Sofar Sounds Tampa does the whole spontaneity thing for you. You’ll never have to pick a place to go or a band to see because Sofar Sounds does it for you and they have amazing taste.

What is Sofar Sounds?

Sofar Sounds started in 2009 in Shoreditch. It was started when a group of friends were annoyed by people talking too much at a concert. They decided to have their own concert in someone’s living room to create a more intimate space that really focused on the music. There were a few more shows in London like this before it spread to other major cities in different countries like Paris, New York, and London. The shows stayed small at locations announced a day beforehand, were invite only, and featured three artists.

Sofar Sounds Facebook Page

How To See a Sofar Sounds Tampa Show

To get in to a show, you have to sign up on Sofar Sounds website and be put in to the lottery for the shows in your area. Tampa’s shows are really starting to take off, so now is definitely the time to get your name on the list. A day or two before the next show, Sofar Sounds will email you the location of the show. The last show was at The Bunker in Ybor and most of them will be in a nice, small location like this.

Super Spontaneous

The coolest part about Sofar Sounds is the not knowing. Not only is the location of the event unknown until the day before, but the artists performing aren’t announced until the actual show. In Tampa, the artists tend to be local. The last show in Tampa focused on women performers in the area. The next show will be a celebration of Sofar Sounds being brought to Tampa a year ago, so it’s one you’re going to want to see.


Feature Image Credit: Sofar Sounds Facebook Page


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