Insider’s Guide to Orlando’s New Beer Spa Experience

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Insider's Guide to Orlando's New Beer Spa Experience

I’ll admit, when I first heard about My Beer Spa, the new Orlando beer spa on I-Drive, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What treatments are offered? What exactly about it is relaxing and beneficial? Yet after experiencing it with my husband on a recent hosted visit, I can say without hesitation that it is one of the most relaxing spa experiences in Orlando.

My Beer Spa offers solo visitors and couples a chance to spend one hour in a private room experiencing three different treatments, including a soak in a tub full of hops and antioxidants. All while sipping unlimited self serve craft beer and wine on tap.

As parents, it is rare for us to have a quiet room to ourselves. Being able to talk and enjoy an hour to ourselves without worry of anyone else was the ultimate luxury. If you’re planning an Orlando getaway (for Magical Dining perhaps??) or day trip, this is a must-add to your itinerary.

The atmosphere at My Beer Spa

Located on the south end of International Drive in the heart of the attractions area and a small strip mall, pulling up to My Beer Spa may at first seem a little out of place. However, we were transported and greeted with warm hospitality the moment we stepped inside.

The décor is a wonderful balance of modern farmhouse with spa touches and warm, masculine tones. Cute messages about relaxation and beer adorn the walls and fit the atmosphere perfectly. My Beer Spa is a great place to relax with its approachable, casual environment.

Reception area at Orlando Beer Spa
The reception area features cute details plus craft beer and wine on tap

We wore masks while in the lobby area and as we were brought into the treatment room. The lobby and treatment room were both spotless. It felt very clean and safe.

There are just two treatment rooms, lending an intimate and cozy feel. Some traditional spas can feel sterile and overly busy. The intimate atmosphere really enhanced our date experience.

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Our treatment room

My first wow moment came when we were shown to our treatment room. Our names were on the door. This little touch made me immediately connect with my husband, reminding me that we are a couple, and a unified unit. This is our time together.

Personal touches enhanced our date experience

Then when we walked into the treatment room I was impressed with the immersive, relaxing atmosphere. In the center, directly in front of us, two soaking tubs beckoned. These hot tubs with wooden walls bubbled with a mixture of hops and antioxidants in the warm, inviting water. I couldn’t wait to get in and relax.

A sauna with a glass door and soothing lighting awaited us on the right. And a beautiful bed of hay with crisp white sheets and cushy pillows sat to the left. Also on this side of the room, a private restroom made leaving the tranquil treatment room unnecessary. A cozy electric fire place in the corner of the room further enhanced the relaxing vibes.

Treatment room at My Orlando Beer Spa
Treatment room options include one tub or two
Private sauna in treatment room at Orlando Beer Spa
Our private sauna

A flat panel television hung near the room’s entrance, playing a beach lounge style playlist. We didn’t realize until our session was over that you can connect your phone to the Bluetooth speaker. So have fun with your honey and make a spa or romantic playlist together before you head to My Beer Spa.

In between the two tubs sat the beer and wine self service station. Sparkling clean beer mugs and wine glasses were ready for use, along with two bottles of water. A small board of house-made beer bread, plus pretzel rods and pub mustard gave us something yummy to nibble on as we enjoyed our spa time.

A self-service beer and wine station is situated between the tubs. Unlimited craft beer and wine is included with your appointment.

The experience at Orlando Beer Spa

Your treatment at My Beer Spa includes unlimited self-serve craft beer and wine on tap. There are three beer options, all from local Orlando brewery Ivanhoe Park Brewing: Bungalow Belgian Witbier, Park Hopp’r Golden Pilsner, and Joyland American IPA. Although we normally enjoy it, we avoided the Joyland since it has the highest ABV; at 7% – we didn’t want to overdo it. I also sipped some of the Wine Stream Cabernet Sauvignon, which was delightfully dry and fruity.

A timer was set as we entered our treatment room, which helped us navigate our time in the room. It is your choice what you spend your time experiencing, but there is a recommended routine, which we followed to the letter.


Half of our time was spent soaking in the hot tubs, which are filled with water and a mixture of hops and antioxidants. Soaking in the tubs for 30 minutes is recommended in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the Beer Treatment. This allows time to open your pores and prepare your skin for absorption. We did just that, starting off in the separate tubs, refilling our beer mugs, and enjoying the water. Eventually my husband came into my tub and we relaxed together while talking about many wonderful things.

We loved soaking in the tubs, filled with a mixture of water, hops and antioxidants.

Then we followed our soak by using the sauna for 10-15 minutes as recommended. Yes, it was hot, but it felt purifying. And we enjoyed talking and connecting together in such a relaxing environment.

As suggested by the spa staff, we concluded our visit by relaxing in the hay lounge for 10-15 minutes. The walls are lined with bricks, which keeps this part of the room cool. It was the perfect refresher after being in the sauna.

As we wrapped up our visit I sat up and observed the room, fully designed with relaxation in mind. I wanted to be fully present and take in the rejuvenating atmosphere. By the end of our indulgent experience, we felt alleviated from all of our stressors.

Private treatment room at Orlando Beer Spa
As parents, we loved having a quiet room all to ourselves for an hour.

What does it cost?

The cost for a couple to have one hour in the treatment room, with all of the experiences and self service beer and wine is currently $189 for a room with a single tub, and $229 for a room with two tubs.

I brought some cash to provide a gratuity, and felt the hospitality warranted a little thank you. This cost is on par with the average couples massage. The experience felt just as relaxing, if not more so.

My Beer Spa graciously hosted our visit. However, we planned out future visits, on our own dime, to celebrate special occasions.

Important things to know before you go

My Beer Spa Reservations

  • Reservations are required for all appointments and can be made online at
  • Your visit includes one hour in the treatment room
  • You’ll need to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time so you can properly check in, secure your belongings and enjoy your first sip of beer or wine
  • Your appointment will end at the scheduled time to not delay the next scheduled guest

What can (and can’t) I bring?

  • Outside drinks and food, purses, bags, and backpacks are not allowed inside the treatment room
  • You will be provided a tote to carry any essentials items into the room
  • Lockers are available for other non-essential items

Tips and tricks

  • Allow yourself time to relax after your treatment, do not plan anything right after as it is best to not shower until two hours after your session
  • Hydrate before, during, and after your treatment

Disclosure: My Beer Spa provided this experience at no cost to the writer.

All images by Dani Meyering


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