The Lagoon
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If you didn’t already know, Epperson Lagoon has finally opened and is now offering Limited Non-Resident Access! Basically, Epperson is a planned community with a larger than life man-made lagoon in the Wesley Chapel Area. Built by Metro Places, this new attraction is a part of a neighborhood community and has been causing quite a bit of buzz lately—and for good reason!

About the Lagoon

When you arrive at the Lagoon, prepare for emersion into a tropical paradise among what Metro Places calls, “the world’s top recreational amenity”. Yes, that’s a huge claim, but this is a huge lagoon! Metro wanted to take waterfront and poolside amenities and turn them completely on their head with this brand new Lagoon-style concept!

The Lagoon itself is more than 7 acres of clear water, sandy beaches, landscaping, and more. It even has a swim-up bar and rentals on-site for the whole family to enjoy! You’ll feel like you’re at the beach, just without the fear of shark-infested waters and rip currents.

The Lagoon is divided up into different locations and popular points of interest such as Sunset Beach, which is coming soon, Cabana Cove, The Sandbar, The Hub, The Reef, The Dock, The Slide, Adventure Bay, Wibit, Tikis, Gasparilla Island, and Shoreline Beach. Each location can be found online with information about each spot. Be sure to check out Cabana Cove for an all-day cabana rental or the mysterious Wibit! The Wibit is a water play park/floating obstacle course available for an additional fee.

The Lagoon
Photo Credit: DR Horton

How Do I Visit?

Because the Lagoon is inside the Epperson Community, access is limited to those who are not residents. However, for those really wanting to see what all of the fuss is about, tickets to visit can be purchased online. There, guests can view hours, ticket information, as well as upgrade options. Currently, admission to the Lagoon is $20 per person for the day.

Also, be sure to check out their online calendar before you go for special events, live music, and resident-only days.


Although Epperson Lagoon is for fun, there are a few safety concerns that should be discussed before arriving:

  1. There are no lifeguards on duty, so swim at your own risk.
  2. Epperson Lagoon is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  3. Appropriate swim attire must be worn at all times
  4. Guests may not enter staff/restricted areas
  5. The Lagoon has the right to close due to inclement weather.
  6. No outside food, beverages, or coolers are permitted.
The Lagoon
Photo Credit: The Business Journals

Now that you know all of the fun details about Epperson Lagoon, be sure to head over, check it out, and take advantage of the Non-Resident admission while you can! Because The Lagoon is the first of its kind, non-residents may not always be permitted so enter while you can and have fun!


Featured Image Credit: Metro Places

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