Mazzaro’s Italian Market


From rich pasta dishes, to savory cheeses, and full bodied wines – what’s not to love about Italian food? If you’re a foodie couple craving the best of what Italian food has to offer than Mazzaro’s is your next date night option! This Italian emporium is a market with literally everything. You can order prepared food there and picnic on the terrace, or bring a taste of Italy home to your own kitchen.

Here’s everything you need to know about enjoying a day at Mazzaro’s Italian Market in St. Pete.


What to do

Mazzaro’s is more than a one of a kind Italian gourmet market; it’s a favorite culinary destination. This Italian supermarket is split into different areas equipped with goodies. The best place to start is at the espresso counter for a coffee beverage to have in hand while you peruse the shelves. Grab a ticket at the bakery for a delicious pastry made in house to go with coffee! Once you’ve had a snack, the wine and cheese den will have you dreaming up the perfect pairing. If you’re shopping for an Italian meal you plan on making, bring home quality meats, fresh produce, special spices and dry goods from the wide selection throughout the store. The best part is you can bring anything you buy onto the terrace to eat or drink – including wine! Prepared sandwiches, salads, and gelato are available for lunch as well!


Best Products

This specialty market has fresh goodies and unique items you can’t get anywhere else. At the bakery, make sure you pick up a fresh baked rosemary loaf and hand made pistachio cannolis. Mozzarella is available in the wine and cheese area but supplies are limited since its made fresh everyday. Venture over to the sliced meats and pick up a hot soppressata or prosciutto sliced to your liking. Don’t forget a bottle of Paesano extra virgin olive oil!


If you’re looking to have lunch on the market terrace, there are plenty of choices to eat right there. Head on over to the prepared foods area for a sandwich, all of which are made on Mazzaro’s own wood fired bread. The houses made spicy sausage and peppers sub or the hot Italian sub are some of the best the lunch menu has to offer. The Italian Orzo or Hearts of palm salad are also favorites.

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