Lights fest tampa
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Picture this: The night sky, lighted not by stars but by hundreds of sky lanterns floating through the air. Sounds like a dream date! At The Lights Fest Tampa, you can make this dream into a reality. On February 24th, 2018, the Tampa Sky will be glowing bright, so mark your calendar for a date night to remember.

Check out The Lights Fest Tampa for a Romantic Date

What it is

The Lights Fest is an event designed to create a magical experience like no other. There will be hundreds of people, from young to old, gathered for a night of fun and celebration before the launch of sky lanterns that will light up the Tampa sky for the first time.

What to Expect

Before the launch, couples will be able to enjoy live music and delicious food. Bring picnic blankets or towels if you want to settle down while waiting for the launch. Then, when the time is right, you and your significant other can each light your own lanterns and launch them into the sky, watching as your individual lanterns join the hundreds of others in the night sky. A marker will be provided for you to write on the lanterns before launch, whether it be a dedication to someone or a dream for the future or whatever else you wish.

How to sign up

Complete registration for the 2018 Lights Fest online here. Currently, tickets are $30, but prices will go up as it gets nearer to the event date. Make sure to sign up early! A ticket must be purchased for each individual person and will include the lantern, a marker, a swag bag, and a flashlight.


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