On the Water at Honeymoon Island

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As citizens of the sunshine state, being on or in the water is something very familiar to us. Just a short drive from Tampa, Honeymoon Island State Park offers four miles of pristine beaches. If you have a boat, Jet Ski, or a couple of kayaks, Honeymoon Island is a scenic option teeming with wildlife and adventure. Next time you want a date under the sun, gear up and take a trip to Honeymoon Island.

Here’s everything you need to know about escaping to Honeymoon Island for a perfect day on the water.

Before you go

Planning ahead is always a good option when your date is at the mercy of fickle Florida weather. Always remember to check the weather forecast but if you’re planning on water sports, you can take it a step further. Check out saltwatertides.com and windfinder.com to find out the tides and wind speeds so you can pick the safest time to spend the day at Honeymoon Island.

With great fishing in the area, consider packing a fishing pole and bringing bait. Protection from the sun in the form of SPF long sleeve shirts, hats and sunscreen are also a must. Don’t forget water shoes as Honeymoon Island has a lot of rocky shores and shallow areas to wade in the water.


Honeymoon Island is a beautiful setting for an outdoor adventure and the park does it’s best to keep you comfortable and equipped. Nature trails, picnic pavilions and restroom facilities are located throughout the park. Showers are also located at boardwalk entrances to the beach. If you don’t have equipment of your own, the South Beach Pavilion and Honeymoon Café allow you to rent beach umbrellas, chairs, kayaks and bicycles. Grab a bite there too if you forgot to pack a picnic!


What to do

There is so much to do and see on the Island. Upon entering, you and your date can visit the Rotary Centennial Nature Center so you can learn more about what Honeymoon Island has to offer. One of the most amazing parts about this state park is the nature that surrounds you. The three-mile Osprey Trail takes you through the only remaining virgin slash pine forest in Florida. Don’t be surprised if you spot an eagle, osprey, or owl along the path. If you’d rather relax on the shore, there is plenty of beach to choose from. Boaters, kayakers, and jet skiers will also easily be able to find sandbars and small islands to rest on. Make sure to look for dolphins!

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