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True to the name, Haven is a culinary retreat for those seeking good eats and exceptional wine and spirits. This spot focuses primarily on cheese and charcuterie that pairs with wine and cocktails. While they don’t serve a full dinner, this would be a great option for a double date to hang with friends or a girl’s night out. Located in the heart of South Howard, it is just a short walk from many popular bars on Howard Avenue. Start your night or end it at Haven for great bites and yummy cocktails.

The Food

As mentioned earlier, Haven focuses on small plates, cheese and charcuterie. But, Haven is doing small plates in a very big way – house made charcuterie, cultured artisanal cheeses and chef inspired recipes make for surprisingly delicious options. Guests can pick from a wide array of cheeses and meats from across the globe that fit particular taste preferences. Comfort foods like grilled cheese and mac and cheese have their own twists on them and can be found on the menu as well. It is recommended to order small plates from all over the menu and share with your date or friends. Round out the meal with unique treats like Sweet Corn Panna Cotta or Fried Peach Pie.


The Drinks

What’s cheese without a little wine? Haven has a long list of wines for every taste including unique glasses for wine connoisseur. The beer list is almost as long as the wine list with beers on tap as well as by the bottle. Whimsical cocktails and a bourbon list can also be found on the menu. With all of these options, you’ll find the perfect thing to pair with your food.


The Atmosphere

This is the perfect place if you’re looking for a cool spot where you can socialize with friends or loved ones. Haven’s intimate setting and cool atmosphere really put guests at ease as they enjoy small plates and craft cocktails. Much like the food, the décor is whimsical and fun which also adds to the setting and overall vibe.


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Feature Haven Photo Credit: haventampa.com