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A holiday like St. Patty’s Day is always a great excuse to go out with your best group of friends and have a few rounds of beer and bar food. It’s also a good time to finally throw that party you secretly have been wanting to have. Trade out your red solo cups for green and invite the crew over for a DIY St. Patty’s Day Party. Take your DIY St. Patty’s Day Party to the next level!

Drink Ideas

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a super simple drink that is always a crowd-pleaser. Just mix coffee with either Jameson or Bailey’s, if you want a creamier flavor, and enjoy. It’s a must-drink on this Irish Holiday and tastes even better topped with whipped cream.

Irish Hammer

If your party needs a few shots to get things going, an Irish Hammer is the perfect choice. Mix Jack Daniel’s, Irish Mint, and Bailey’s together for a strong, but smooth shot with a creamy flavor everyone will like.

Leprechaun Mimosa

Because St. Patty’s Day is a celebration, champagne should most definitely be involved. To make your glass of bubbly festive, top it with Midori Melon for the perfect green color and fruity taste.


This beer is a no brainer and is on display at almost every grocery store now in preparation for the holiday. You won’t get the same experience from this beer out of a bottle that you would straight from the tap, but it still tastes great and is perfect for St. Patty’s Day.

Game Ideas

Bobbing For MarshmallowsWe all know the popular Halloween game Bobbing for Apples, but it’s time to spin it for St. Patty’s Day. Fill a few cereal bowls with Lucky Charms and make each player see how many marshmallows they can grab with just their mouths in a minute or two.

Potato Bowling

Use sealed water bottles for the pins and a potato for the bowling ball and see who can get the most strikes. You might need a little bit of leprechaun luck and good aim for this one.

M&Ms Sorter 

For this, you will need a couple of plastic plates, M&Ms (or any other colored circular candy), and green striped straws.  First, place all the M&Ms into a center bowl of your preference. Then, grab a straw and try to hold one of the M&Ms by sucking it. Place the candy on a plate depending on its color. Play this in groups or in teams of 2 v. 2! Whoever sorts the candy by color first wins the game!

Rainbow Balloons 

Turn a classic fair game into a fun St. Patrick’s day activity! Just buy different-colored balloons and create a rainbow pattern on your wall. You can easily stick the balloons with tape, and, once they are all in place, take turns and pop them with darts or any other pointy item. To make it extra fun, place candy or chocolate coins inside of each balloon. You won’t find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but you will certainly get some delicious candy along the way!

Fish that Gold!

This game will be a delight for those who have the ability to use chopsticks and a challenge for those who can’t. You will need fake gold coins (or chocolate coins to make it even better), a plate to place them, and chopsticks. Take turns and try to pick each coin by using the chopsticks. 

Protip: To make it more challenging, place a rule stating that all coins must be picked up by their edges and not their faces. This will make the game almost impossible even for those who are masters at using chopsticks!

Decoration Ideas

Four Leaf Clover WreathThis one is super simple, but is the perfect greeting for all your guests and will be the first thing they see. Just cut out a bunch of four-leaf clovers in different shades of green and glue them together in a circle. Attach a string or just hang it on a command strip to welcome your friends.

Pots of Gold

Paint a small flower pot green with some gold glitter and fill it with chocolate coins. This is a cute centerpiece for tables and is a great snack.

Leprechaun Gnome 

This little guy can be done in less than 30 minutes and will make an adorable companion for you on this St. Patty’s Day. Granted, some of the materials you’ll need might take a little more time to find, the result is so perfect that it is totally worth it! Best part? You won’t need to sew anything to achieve the final result! Check out this website to learn how to make your own leprechaun gnome this year!

Leprechaun Party Cups 

Want to get more creative with your party cups this year? Simply turn them into leprechauns’ bodies! Remember those green cups we mentioned in the beginning? This is the right time to use them. Grab one of them and tie or glue a black piece of ribbon around it. Place a gold rhinestone sticker in the middle and voila! You have brand new St. Patrick’s Day cups!

A Leprechaun in a Jar

Seeing a leprechaun in real life is hard, let alone catch one. Don’t worry! You can still trick all your friends into thinking you have caught a real leprechaun by making a leprechaun-silhouette lamp. For this one, you will need a frosted mason jar, a fake, battery-powered candle, and a leprechaun silhouette cut out. Just put them all together and decorate your lamp as you please!

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