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The Dalí Museum in St. Pete invites guests to experience the awe-inspiring surrealist works of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

The spacious outdoor garden, waterfront setting, artful café and impressive collection make for an awesome day date sure to spark creativity and connection. Let our guide below inspire your next adventure to this fabulous museum right here in Tampa Bay.

Dalí Museum staircase St. Pete
The spiral staircase leading to the galleries is one of my favorite features | Image credit: Stephanie Patterson

Explore the Galleries

You’re likely familiar with at least a few of Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí’s infamous works, like those widely recognizable melting clocks. But visiting The Dalí gives you a rare glimpse into his progression as an artist, starting with his early impressionist works, followed by surrealism and the huge masterworks completed later in his career.

The museum houses more than 90 of Dalí’s paintings in all and also hosts rotating exhibits that beautifully complement the main works.

While there are typically free audio tour devices available, that’s been paused for the time being. Instead, download the free Dalí Museum App and bring along headphones for a self-guided audio tour. There are so many details in each of the paintings (especially the masterworks) that are easy to miss, but the audio tour does a fantastic job of pointing out these subtleties while providing more context for each piece.

Public docent tours are currently available. The free docent-led tours provide additional information not presented in the audio tours. The staff members throughout the museum are also incredibly friendly and helpful in answering your questions about the artwork.

The Dali Museum masterwork St. Pete
The Hallucinogenic Toreador, one of Dalí’s masterworks | Image credit: Stephanie Patterson


Experience Dali Alive 360

You can also immerse yourselves in the new Dali Alive 360 exhibit inside the all-new Dali Dome. This multi-sensory art experience envelops you in 360 degrees of light and sound, within the Museum’s newest space, The Dalí Dome, where the former Wishing Tree once stood. Dali 360 was co-produced by the Museum and Grande Experiences who also created Van Gogh Alive.

It’s specifically designed to take place in a 360 environment. Dali’s works come to life right before your eyes. Eyes blink, planes fly, and clocks melt and you learn all about Dali’s life and loves. 

The new Dali Dome in the Avant Garden

Dine at Café Gala

Named after Dalí’s wife, Café Gala is the The Dalí Museum’s eatery, situated on the first floor within The Enigma, the unique architectural feature that wraps around the back and side of the museum itself. The setting is beautiful, with light pouring in from the triangular-shaped glass windows, and the food is presented artfully. Plan to make a stop here after strolling the galleries to indulge in some shared tapas (I love the cheese and charcuterie platters) and sip on wine.

To-go options are also available.

Café Gala
Share tapas at Café Gala | Image credit: Stephanie Patterson

Connect with the Artist

In May of 2019, The Dalí unveiled a new AI experience, Dalí Lives. This interactive installation allows visitors to engage with Salvador Dalí himself by way of screens throughout the museum. You can even take a selfie with the famous artist, which will be texted to your phone. It’s just one of many innovative additions to the museum designed to help you connect with the artist’s work in new ways.

I also love Dreams of Dali, a free virtual reality experience that lets you frolic about in Dalí’s painting Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus.” There are 16 points throughout the painting to discover during the 3-minute experience. This experience is currently closed since it’s a high-touch activity, but when it resumes it is so worth doing! The Museum’s app also includes an Augmented Reality feature for uncovering details within Dalí’s masterworks.

Stroll the Avant-Garden

The back of The Dalí Museum is situated facing Tampa Bay providing a unique setting for the museum’s Avant-Garden. It’s here you’ll find a huge sculpture of Dalí’s mustache, a peaceful labyrinth, a melting clock bench and the Wish Tree. It’s tradition for visitors to write a wish on their admission wristband and tie it to one of the streamers dangling from the branches before leaving.

Dalí Museum Avant-Garden
Image credit: Stephanie Patterson

Attend Special Events

The Dalí Museum regularly hosts special events if you’d like to experience the museum in a new way. If you’re on a budget, plan your visit for a Thursday evening when admission is 50% off after 5pm. Like with regular admission, you’ll need to purchase a timed ticket online in advance. The galleries and cafe will be open late until 8pm.

Surreal Summer Nights kicks off on June 15th and continues on the third Thursday of the month in June, July, and August and includes a live DJ and Café Gala specials, more.

Don’t miss Dalí Lives, large screens throughout the Museum where Dalí speaks to guests. Before you leave, he even takes a selfie and sends it directly to your phone! 

Coffee with a Curator is another regular event series involving themed presentations on Dali-related topics. There’s no cost to attend these free talks, but you will have to pay for parking upon arrival.

See a list of all upcoming events here.

Know Before You Go

Current hours are daily from 10am-6pm (8pm Thursdays).

Admission is $29 for adults and tickets must be purchased online in advance.

Parking in the museum lot is $10. If you want to save a few dollars on parking, download the ParkMobile app. This allows you to pay for metered parking at one of the many street parking spots within walking distance.

All images by Stephanie Patterson

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