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This summer, The Dali Museum in St. Pete introduced an all-new experience – Dali Alive 360. This experience showcases Dali’s works throughout his life, in a very unique way.

Dali Alive 360

The latest exhibit at The Dali celebrates the life and creative genius of Salvador Dalí. This multi-sensory art experience envelops you in 360 degrees of light and sound, within the Museum’s newest space, The Dalí Dome, where the former Wishing Tree once stood. Dali 360 was co-produced by the Museum and Grande Experiences who also created Van Gogh Alive. It’s specifically designed to take place in a 360 environment.

The dynamic animations of Dalí’s works featured in Dalí Alive 360° is told in four sections chronologically throughout his life and gives the sensation of stepping into the life of Dalí himself. Immerse yourselves in Dalí’s surreal landscapes, iconic melting clocks and mind-bending illusions with touchpoints from the artist’s childhood in Spain, through his introduction to the surrealist circles in Paris, his refuge in America and finally his return to Spain. Each of these eras of the artist’s life prompted a response from Dalí, leading to his constant reinvention.

“The theme, the overall narrative here is about reinvention,” said Hank Hine, Executive Director of The Dali. “Dali was encountering, as each one of us, a series of challenges in his life. They were psychic, they were personal, social, they were geopolitical. All the things that we face today from government, from our friends, from our own internal dispositions, from our upbringings. And we want that to communicate because it’s a show of triumph and we want you to go away with that feeling of triumph.”

How to Experience Dali Alive 360

Constructed in the Museum’s Avant-garden, the climate-controlled Dome stands 39 feet tall. It is designed to withstand pressures from hurricane winds and storm surges. Inside the Dome, the projection-mapped digital images dynamically display from the floor to the top of the structure. Visitors are encouraged to walk around to experience the exhibit from different vantage points.

This experience allows you to see Dali’s works like you never have before in a quite extraordinary way. Images of Dali’s paintings come to life as they move around the dome. Eyes blink, planes fly, clocks melt, and ants crawl across the floor. Learn about Dali’s different eras as well as his life and loves and even his connection to Hollywood while different pieces of music accompany the images.

The entire experience is just under 40 minutes long. Guests are encouraged to show up at least 5 minutes prior to their allotted timeframe. To avoid overcrowding, timed tickets are required. Tickets for Dali Alive 360 are not included in general admission – tickets are $15 and are sold separately.

The experience is typically done while standing however, there are a few seats placed around the dome as well as ADA designated seating.

*Note: There are no windows in The Dali Dome. Please be advised for those who have visual sensitivities and sensitivity to light levels. 

Special Events and More

In addition to Dali Alive 360, there are several programs you can take advantage of at The Dali. Surreal Summer Nights kicks off on June 15th and continues on the third Thursday of the month in June, July, and August and includes a live DJ and Café Gala specials, more.

Thursday evenings are half price and a great time for a date night or for bringing a larger group, like a family.

Don’t miss Dalí Lives, large screens throughout the Museum where Dalí speaks to guests. Before you leave, he even takes a selfie and sends it directly to your phone! You can also enjoy food and drinks from Café Gala which is located on the first floor. If the weather is nice, it’s worth heading out to the Avant-Garden to enjoy the waterfront views, sculptures, and lush gardens.

The Dali Museum is situated along the picturesque waterfront in St. Pete


If you’re debating whether to see this exhibit, you should. As Peter Tush, curator of education at The Dalí Museum points out, it is important to expose ourselves to art, “It helps create a mature and create a well-rounded understanding of the world. I think without art, half of your brain is not being challenged or utilized, so it’s really important component to balance out the obsession with science and math.”

Ticket and Details

Tickets are $23-$29 for adults and $12 for kids ages 6-12 (kids 5 and under are free). There are discounts for seniors, students, and museum members. Tickets are half off after 5pm on Thursdays.

Tickets to Dali Alive 360 are $15.

The Dali is open daily from 10am-6pm (Thursdays until 8pm). Plan on spending around 1.5-3 hours at the museum, depending on whether you are taking a guided tour.

Pictures and video are allowed throughout the museum. No flash photography.

Outside food and drinks are prohibited, as well as backpacks and selfie sticks. There are complimentary lockers outside the entrance for you to store any items that cannot be brought inside.


Visit thedali.org to plan your visit.


Dali 360 image by the Dali Museum. All other images by Brie Gorecki.