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Are you and your loved one looking for a unique night on the town? How about a good laugh? If so, for your next date night, a comedy club is the perfect place to go. Sip on a cocktail, watch the performances, and laugh hysterically with your loved one by your side. Tampa Bay is filled with comedy clubs, but these are the best of the bunch.

Improv Comedy Theatre

Located in the heart of Tampa, Improv Comedy Theatre and Restaurant is known to be on the most popular and beloved comedy clubs in the area. With dozens of professional comedians performing each week, couples are guaranteed an entertaining and hilarious show. This comedy club also serves as a restaurant, dishing out delicious meals and cocktails to couples to enjoy while watching the improv.

Tickets can be purchased online at the Theatre’s Website as well as the theatre itself past 4 p.m. Tickets range between $5-40 depending on the performer. Hours, show times, and specific performances can also be found on their website. Make note also that since these shows are improv, they oftentimes include some inappropriate (but hilarious) material. With this being said, most shows are for couples ages 21+.

Address: 1600 East 8th Ave C-112 Tampa, FL 33605

Side Splitters Comedy Club

Side Splitters Comedy Club is another famous comedy club in Tampa. They have well-known comedians performing throughout the week and offer unique deals that cannot be found at other comedy clubs. An example of this is “Laugh for Less” voucher that provides couples with 2 tickets and 2 drinks for only $20. In addition, Side Splitters has the occasional “open mic night” for couples who want to perform themselves! This comedy club is also a restaurant, offering tasty cuisine for couples to munch on while watching the comedy.

More information regarding show time, ticket prices, and hours can be found on Side Splitter’s Website.

Address: 12938 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL 33618

Coconuts Comedy Club

Located on St. Pete Beach, Coconuts Comedy Club is a perfect comedy club destination for couples that live on this side of Tampa Bay. This club is a little smaller than the others described, but still puts on hilarious performances throughout the week. Something unique about this club is that each week there is a different headlining performer. He or she is there everyday, giving couples many opportunities to see them in their comedic spotlight. Coconut’s also offers a wide selection of bar food, cocktails, and appetizers for couples to enjoy.

More information regarding show times, headliners, and ticket prices can be found on their website. Couples can choose to buy tickets online or at the theatre itself.

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Address: 5501 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Spitfire Theatre

Also located in St. Petersburg, but downtown rather than the beachside, Spitfire Theatre is a well known improve theatre in Tampa Bay. They offer a variety of shows including Improvarama, The Spitfire Open, Whose Line St. Pete, The Big Damn Comedy Show, Murder on The Hogwarts Express, and Hip Hop High. Couples can choose to attend which sounds the most appealing, however, all are equally entertaining. In addition to the shows, Spitfire Theatre also offers improv classes, lessons, and workshops for couples trying to get a little closer to the comedy.

Even if you are not in St. Pete and live elsewhere in Tampa Bay, Spitfire Theatre is worth the trek. This is one of the more unique clubs in the area and rivals famous clubs that can be found in cities such as New York City and Chicago. More information regarding show times, hours, performers, and ticket prices can be found on their website.

Address: 14 18th St. S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre

Located in Sarasota, McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre is a casual theatre providing couples with a good laugh as well as tasty bar food and cocktails. This theatre has been around since 1988 and is a favorite date destination for couples in the area. The size of the theatre itself is small and quaint, providing an intimate comedic experience for couples. Many well known comedians visit this theatre, as well as local stand up comedians. They also offer “open mic nights” for couples wanting to tap into their comedic ability. Please note that couples must be 18+ to attend McCurdy’s.

More information regarding show times, hours, and ticket prices can be found on McCurdy’s website.

Address: 1923 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34236

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Feature Image Photo Credit: geico.com