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Are you and your loved one Italian food fanatics? If so, look no further than Cena. Located right in the vibrant Channel District of Tampa, this place serves up traditional Italian dishes in a modern, comfortable, and sleek environment. Head on down to Cena next date night for a simple, fresh, and delicious meal that will have you and your significant other coming back for more. And with Cena meaning “supper” in Italian, you know you’re in for something good.

Cooked with love and made with all locally grown, fresh ingredients, the food at Cena truly is some of the best in the area. Tampa Bay is known to have quality Italian food, but Cena is some next-level cuisine. In terms of the menu, Cena’s dinner menu is stacked with basic Italian dishes as well as some items that are unique to Cena. Whatever you and your loved one decide however, a tasty meal is guaranteed.

Looking specifically at the menu, Cena wants to make your experience as close to the Italian way as possible. With that being said, couples are encouraged to start with some antipasta, or smaller plates for the table to share. Although they may be small, these dishes are packed with flavor and are a must-try during a visit to Cena. Some local favorites include the Crispy Eggplant with Tomato Marmalade and Truffle Cheese Fonduta, as well as Fried Olives and Kobe Beef Carpaccio.

Salads are also available for couples to enjoy before delving into their main course. The speciality salads such as Kale Caesar or the Burrata salad are delicious, but the house salad is really what stands out. It is complete with creamy gorgonzola, tomatoes, dates, onions, candied walnuts, and broken balsamic – a house salad with worthwhile ingredients for once!

Cena Tampa

In addition, Cena is famous for their charchutere boards – stacked with cheeses, meats, bread, truffles, and more. Couples can pick and choose exactly what they want on their boards, making it a personalized appetizer you will definitely enjoy.

Now let’s talk pasta.

All pasta at Cena is homemade, fresh, and perfectly prepared. A few favorites include the Braised Oxtail Gnocchi, Truffle Pasta, and Rustic Bolognese. If you are a risotto fan, you can also choose to enjoy the Crispy Pork Cheek Gorgonzola Red Wine Risotto with carmalized cippolini onions. There truly is no other meal in Tampa like this one. Yum!


After devouring these first few courses, it’s time for the big stuff. The Secondi dishes at Cena include Italian favorites such as Chicken Marsala and Veal Saltimbocca. As stated, all ingredients are fresh, local, and work together to make some of the best Italian food in the area. Enjoy a nice bottle of Italian red wine, a crisp glass of white, or a delicately designed cocktail while enjoying your meal.

Cena has many booze options to help you and your loved one wash down your food, as well as get a little buzz on. 

Cena Tampa

Last but not least, make sure to check out one of Cena’s incredible desserts if you still have a little room in your bellies. The tiramisu is unbelievable, as well as the Sheep’s Milk Cheesecake, Banana Triffle, and Truffle Gelato. Complete your night at Cena with a shot of house Limoncello, and of course, an espresso, for an authentic Italian experience that is often hard to find in the Southern United States.

Before you head over, it is also important to note that Cena is only open for dinner – opening up at 5 p.m. each night. In addition, due to limited hours and high popularity, it is important that couples make a reservation before visiting.

For more information regarding the menu, pricing, hours, reservations, and more, visit Cena Tampa.

Address: 1208 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602



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