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Buttery baked goods, perfectly puffed pastries, and the sweetest treats are served up in the dozens at this beloved bakery. Born and Bread Bakehouse is a locally owned bakery that all guests rave about. The rustic and homey setting creates the perfect atmosphere to share delectable treats that taste of homemade goodness. Whether you’re in the area for a snack or looking for breakfast, you’re sure to find something sweet with your sweetie!

About the Baker

The baker who started it all is no other than Jennifer Smurr and her team of bakers. A Lakeland native, Smurr has a keen sense when it comes to flavor pairings and balance amongst ingredients. Smurr is a strong believer in the idea that bread is better broken together. With this sense of community and love of food, Smurr and the crew at Born and Bread are bringing people together with delicious treats.

The success of this bakery is evident in the long lines early each Saturday morning. Young and old, lovers and friends stand together awaiting opening time!

What’s Good

The delectable goodies at Born and Bread are surprisingly unique. House made jams and exciting parings give way to creative sweets. Pistachio blackberry, banana bourbon Nutella, and lemon cardamom honey are just a few of the crazy delicious flavors you can look forward to.

While sweet pastries are certainly the stars of this bake house, savory options like sausage and honey biscuits, herbed fresh baked loaves, and other breakfast sandwiches are available. Make sure to grab a house made coffee or cold brew to pair with breakfast.

With Christmas just around the corner, this is probably the most exciting time to visit Born and Bread. Visit their website to see current seasonal favorites!

Bakehouse Details

Located in Lakeland, a visit to Born and Bread Bakery from Tampa Bay can be a drive – but it is totally worth it. This bake house is very serious about the quality of its ingredients and products so goodies are made in small batches. Because of this, the bakery is only open every Saturday from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Stay tuned for pop-ups on social media and get it while its fresh!

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