Bier Fest: The New Festival at Busch Gardens

bier fest

Busch Gardens is home to a number of great festivals, celebrations and attractions. And this year, they’re adding to their list of greats with an all-new festival, the Bier Fest. At the end of August, Bier Fest will open for your enjoyment! Before planning your visit to the amusement park, here is everything you need to know about this new event.

The Busch Gardens Bier Fest: The Beer

On weekends from August 25th to September 16, you can take a break from the thrill rides and head over to Bier Fest for the food and beer celebration featuring drinks, meals and live entertainment you’ll love. There will be over 100 beers from more than 60 breweries available for you to choose from. You might recognize some local breweries, like the Tampa Bay Brewing Company or 3 Daughters Brewing, among others. Others still might be less recognizable, but no less impressive, as they come from outside the state and from around the world. Basically, you’ll have no shortage of good beer at this event!

Bier Fest: The Food

What goes great with good beer? Good food, of course! And just like there’s no shortage of beer, there’s no shortage of food at Bier Fest. From burgers and soft pretzels to kebabs, croquettes and more, you’ll find a variety of delicious snacks and meals. These treats can be found at different themed culinary cabins. And if you’re looking to try multiple food and beer options, Busch Gardens has the perfect offer for you. With Samplers starting at $29.99, you can try a select number of dishes or beers. If you’re a pass member, you’ll also be bale to get a Sampler for twelve items at the price of the ten item Sampler.

How to get in

Good news! Bier Fest is completely included with your park admission! Whether you have a daily admission, a fun card, or an annual pass, you’ll be able to enjoy what Bier Fest has to offer. The food and drinks are purchased separately or included in the Sampler purchase. This festival is the start of a new tradition at Busch Gardens that you definitely don’t want to miss, so plan your visit today!



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