Best Disney Resorts
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A trip to Walt Disney World is a staple in most Floridian’s summer plans. However, due to the immense popularity surrounding the famous Mouse, Disney can be pricey, especially during the peak seasons, like Summer. With long days, fickle weather, and moderate crowds, an escape from the insanity of the parks is vital. Luckily, Disney has many ‘on property’ resorts to choose from ranging from Value to Moderate to Deluxe! There is truly a beautiful resort for everyone. Here are the best ‘on property’ Disney Resorts that are worth the money!

Value Resorts

Value Resorts are typically themed to whatever theme is unique to the individual hotel. Whether it be sports, music, or movies, each Value Resort is unique, with a few similar qualities. Value Resorts are large and typically extend far past the lobby/breakfast building. Upon check-in, you will typically have to make a bit of a drive to your room/section that is typically labeled by that section’s theme. Due to the lower prices and largeness of the Value Resorts, they typically fill up quickly during the summers.

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Disney’s All-Star Music is, at this time, the lowest priced resort (for the imaginary selected dates). The resort is an Animal Kingdom Resort, meaning the closest park to the resort is the Animal Kingdom, which is something to keep in mind when booking. Just like the name suggests, the resort is all about some of the most popular musical genres! Guests can enjoy a guitar-shaped pool, food court, and family suites if you so choose!

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*Other similarly priced hotels, with similar rooms: All-Star Movies Resort and All-Star Sports Resort.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Another awesome, updated value resort option is Pop Century. Similar in layout to the All-Star resorts, ‘Pop’ is large and boasts a ‘Fad Theme’ ranging from 1950 to 1990! This hotel offers pools with water jets, shopping, dining, and in Fall 2019, will offer transportation via the brand new Skyliner. This resort is located near the Wide World of Sports.

Photo Credit: WDW News Today

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Perhaps one of the most hyped value resorts, Art of Animation is a newer hotel option that encompasses all of the nostalgia of the most beloved Pixar movies. Each section of the hotel is home to a new landscape from classics such as Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid.  AOA will also offer Skyliner transportation, family suites, the largest pool in WDW, and is dog-friendly! This resort is also located at the Wide World of Sports Resort Area.

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Moderate Resorts

Much like the Value Resorts, Moderate Resorts are large and require a walk or a drive to most rooms. However, by spending a bit more per night (or sometimes less, depending on the day), guests can enjoy Disney resort living at a bit of a step up from the basics of the value resort.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Beach is exactly that! A leisurely resort with a Calypso feel throughout the landscapes. Each section of group rooms is named after a different island: Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad, and Aruba! The resort is located near the Epcot Resort Area and will also be home to Skyliner Transportation. The resort also features Old Port Royale with dining options, a Pool with a waterslide, and bedrooms that have been newly renovated into a fittingly Pirate-theme.

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort

Port Orleans Resort is comprised of two different resorts: Riverside and French Quarter. Each offers different packages and dining/theming once inside the resort. Riverside is home to the ‘Alligator Bayou’, and displays a theme reminiscent of homey cottages and mansions, transporting guests back to the old glamour of the south. Riverside offers a pool with waterslide, royal guest rooms, dining, and is dog-friendly!

The French Quarter is home to all of the history of NOLA’s French Quarter. Enjoy cobblestone streets, dreamy gaslights, wrought iron, and Antebellum era Mardi Gras memorabilia. The ‘Quarter’ is home to a pool with a waterside, Scat Cat’s Club, and Horse Drawn Carriage Rides! Both resorts are located in the Disney Springs Resort Area.

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Located in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area, Coronado Springs is set in an oasis style at Lago Dorado, which captures the old Spanish feel through legendary Spanish greats. This resort is facing MAJOR refurbishments, not only in the existing rooms but in the brand new resort hotel being built! The resort offers a pool with a waterslide, club-access benefits, and a brand new resort feel. Plus, it hosts delicious food options and a 24-hour fitness center.

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Deluxe Resorts

Disney’s Deluxe Resorts are some of the priciest hotel options, but not for nothing! Each Deluxe resort is home to unique theming, although more mature. Think Cinderella, not Goofy and friends! When staying at these resorts, typically guests are closer to the action of the parks or entertainment. Most of the resorts feature nicer dining options and multiple transportation options aside from the bus. Most of these resorts are an absolute steal if the room rates fall below $350 a night, so start booking!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Obviously located right by the Animal Kingdom park, the Lodge features a safari themed wonderland with real-life animals roaming the (safely enclosed) savannas that guests can view from rooms with a Savanna View! This hotel hosts exotic African Wildlife, incredible African and American style dining, waterslides, and a deluxe villa option!

Best Disney Resorts
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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Not to be confused with the AK Lodge, the Wilderness Lodge is located a hop away from the Magic Kingdom. This resort is all about the northwest and their beautiful National Park lodging. Enjoy the cabin-feel when you reside here as you step into nature through trails, pine trees, rocking chairs and more! The resort is home to multiple pools, Storybook Dining with Snow White and deluxe villa options! Due to the close proximity of the Kingdom, Wilderness Lodge offers both busing to the parks and boating to the Magic Kingdom.

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Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Take a step back in time to your lakeside memories, but 100 times better. At the Yacht Club, enjoy a yacht club style throughout the resort with all of the Ritz and glamor of New-England. Enjoy the nautical theming and even pop over to the Beach Club Resort for a different coastal feel! The Yacht Club is located in the Epcot Resort Area but offers boating to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios as well as the standard busing to all parks. This resort will be home to the Skyliner as well with pools, lagoons, and more. Plus, a beautiful steakhouse, health club, villas, and is dog-friendly!

Best Disney Resorts
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Disney’s Contemporary Resort

One of the most popular resorts to book is Disney’s Contemporary Resort! A modern style resort with a unique façade is just a quick walk to the Magic Kingdom! Enjoy the resorts homage to the Grand Canyon and the Southwest as you wander the unique A-frame building. Perhaps the most alluring aspect of the Contemporary is the insane monorail running right through its center! The monorail is a complementary method of transportation unique to only three resorts and the Transportation and Ticket Center. The Monorail takes guests from resorts to parking to both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The resort offers a pool with a waterslide, one of the best fireworks experiences at California Grill, and Deluxe Villa options! Guests can take normal busing and also boating from this resort.

Best Disney Resorts
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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

For special occasions, consider the Grand Floridian! Perhaps THE Disney resort to boast about staying at, the GF is home to old world Victorian elegance with a touch of today. Enjoy the gorgeous lobby and the live orchestra before wandering off to your dreamy room. Another Monorail Resort, the GF is spitting distance from the Magic Kingdom, offering busing and boating as well. The resort offers a pool with a waterslide, first-class dining, spas, and villas.

Best Disney Resorts
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Whether you’re looking to save some money or splurge, Disney offers a variety of outstanding resorts for whatever your need may be! Each resort offers complimentary transport of some sort, pools, food, and unique rooms. You truly cannot go wrong with any option!

*Please note that these are some, not all of the resorts, there are plenty more to choose from, should you so choose.

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