Best Bike Rides in Tampa Bay

Best Bike Rides

Summer is about to come in to full swing and this means more outdoor activities. We all love to go to the beach and kayak, but sometimes we have to switch it up a bit. Check out the best bike rides in Tampa Bay for a way to switch up your outdoor activities and make a super fun day!

The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is the perfect downtown scenic place to bike if you want to stop every once in a while for a break on a bench or a drink at The Sail. While it’s not the longest bike ride in the area, it is a fun afternoon activity if you’re looking for something to do. You can ride around for a bit until you decide to grab a bite to eat or even just head home to watch some Netflix. At least you got a little cardio in for the day.

Bayshore Boulevard

This one is a no brainer. Bayshore is a beautiful road to walk, run, or bike down. There are no intersections, breaks, or obstacles in your way on this beautiful stretch of sidewalk making it a great bike ride that lets you focus on the ride. It’s a great time looking at the bay during sunrise or sunset and looking at the mansions lining the other side of the road is fun, too.

Courtney Campbell Trail

If you’re really looking to burn a lot of calories and spend a lot of time on your wheels, check out the Courtney Campbell Trail. This one stretches a whole 11 miles and includes a bridge that isn’t the easiest thing to pass over. It is a fun ride, though, and is unlike any other in the area because of the fact that it’s over the water the whole way. Keep your eyes on the road in front of you, but also look for dolphins!

The Upper Tampa Bay Trail

This trail is 7 beautiful miles of smooth trail in the northwest section of Hillsborough county. This trail has bathrooms and picnic areas spread out alongside it for your convenience. This makes it the perfect afternoon trail ride and an awesome spot for a romantic outdoor picnic.


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Best bike rides are only a few of the outdoor activities in Tampa.

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