Aubi and Ramsa
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Calling all boozy ice cream lovers: Aubi and Ramsa is officially open! If you haven’t already heard, Aubi and Ramsa is a 21+ Ice Cream shop that just opened the doors to its Tampa location and is the perfect spot to incorporate some sugar into your next date night!

About Aubi and Ramsa

Aubi and Ramsa is a Miami based brand with multiple locations in South Florida and one (soon to be two) locations in the Tampa Bay area. The shop opened its doors right next to Le Meridien, just a few doors down from Oxford Exchange and is delighting customers daily! Perhaps one of the best parts about Aubi and Ramsa is the shop, as well as all of their ice cream flavors, is 21 and older! That’s right, this shop is not for the kiddos—making it the best spot to unwind from the daily tantrums and homework help. Aubi and Ramsa takes pride in the expansion of how people enjoy their wine and spirits, thus their boozy ice cream was born!

About the Ice Cream

Because Aubi and Ramsa is dedicated not only to their quality but their craft, their ice cream is truly unmatched. As you walk in through the large glass door, immerse yourself in gorgeous white marble countertops, gold accents, and stunning black tiling. Grab a seat at the bar in one of their gold high top chairs and peruse the awesome menu to find your next great sweet treat. What really sets Aubi and Ramsa apart is that each flavor is individually packaged in single-serving containers just for you! There’s no scooping or exposed ice cream in a big glass jug, it’s all packaged, sealed, and ready for your enjoyment!

Another great detail about Aubi and Ramsa is their ice cream is truly alcoholic! No artificial flavoring or mimicking, true alcohol is used! Every single container, no matter the flavor, truly contains the alcohol it claims to have and even has the ABV right on the container so you know exactly what you’re sinking your spoon into!

Aubi and Ramsa

The Flavors

The ice cream flavors at Aubi and Ramsa are ample with all of your favorite adult beverages infused into each. Guests can purchase a 3.7 oz container or a whole pint depending on your desire! The prices do vary, however, all of the single-serving flavors are under $10! Check out delicious options such as the Scotch Decadence with Belgian chocolate ice cream, The Dalmore 12 YR chocolate, pecans, and dulce de leche! They also offer a Tangerine Mimosa with a Champagne Sorbet, Jack and Chocolate Bourbon Ice Cream, and so much more! There are so many options to choose from, each sure to dazzle your taste buds and leave you hungry for more.

Aubi and Ramsa


As previously mentioned, Aubi and Ramsa has locations across South Florida with two coming to Tamp! Check out all of their spots!

  • Miami Design District | 172 NE 41st. Street
  • Aventura Mall | 19565 Biscayne, Blvd.
  • Tampa | 442 W. Kennedy Blvd.

New Location Coming Soon to Miami Beach

  • COMING SOON- Hard Rock Hollywood | 1 Seminole Way
  • COMING SOON- Hard Rock Tampa | 5223 Orient Rd.

Be sure to pop into Aubi and Ramsa the next time you’re in the area! Also, be sure to keep your eye out for the opening of the Hard Rock Tampa location this Fall!

*Please enjoy responsibly.

Aubi and Ramsa

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All photos courtesy of Katelyn Schur.