Eating Raw: Vegan Cafés in St. Pete


Being vegan is all the rage these days. A plant-based diet is good for both the environment and one’s health. Many people have the perception that being vegan means you are destined to a life without tasty food, but its time to destroy this stereotype. The following vegan restaurants in St. Petersburg are dishing out delicious vegan meals that even the most carnivorous individuals will enjoy.

Love Food Central

Address: 2057 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL, 33713

Love Food Central is a quaint vegan, gluten free café located in the heart of St. Petersburg. In addition to delicious pastries, coffee, and fresh salads, Love Food Central is serving up vegan comfort food for couples to enjoy. Some of its most popular dishes include a Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich, the “Love Burger,” which is made with beets and black beans, topped with “soy-free veganaise,” roasted veggie wraps, and last but not least, the Pulled BBQ Sandwich. This sandwich tastes just like a meaty, juicy BBQ pork sandwich, but is made with roasted jackfruit.

In addition, Love Food Central also offers desserts like vegan soft serve ice cream, which is made with cashew and coconut cream. All dishes are no more than $10, making this place extremely affordable.

This is a vegan restaurant not to be missed for your next lunch date with your loved one.

Cider Press Café

Address: 601 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Also located on central in St. Pete, Cider Press Café is another popular plant-based restaurant in the area. It is known for its “fine dining experience in a casual setting.” This is much more of a restaurant than a café and is the perfect spot for a vegan date night. Cider Press does serve up breakfast and lunch, but dinner is its specialty. Some of their unique dishes include Garden Lasagna, Pad Thai, and a vast collection of burgers. These “meaty” burgers are so juicy and delicious, you may not even be able to tell they are in fact meatless.

This plant-based place is ideal for plant-based and meat eaters alike.

Community Café

Address: 2444 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL, 33712

Community Café is a cute café serving up vegan and vegetarian dishes to couples. The owners want their restaurant to be you and your loved one’s “home away from home,” and have couches, board games, and books for you to enjoy while munching on their tasty cuisine.

Community Café does offer a few meals with meat/cheese if you and your loved are moving towards an entirely plant-based diet and are not quite there yet. However, their vegan options are absolutely delicious. They are known for their vegan soups, a Pesto Tofu Panini, Green Tomato “Vacon” Melts, made with vegan bacon, and a “Tun-not” vegan tuna melt.

This is a perfect spot to visit if you or your significant other are vegan but the other is not. Community Café makes everybody happy.


Leafy Greens Café

Address: 1626 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Leafy Greens Café is an entirely vegan spot, dishing up healthy and divine plant-based soups, salads, sandwiches, and entrees to you and your partner. In addition, they pride themselves on serving absolutely no GMO, gluten-free food.

Food from Leafy Greens is Asian-inspired for couples who enjoy a authentic, spicy flavor. Some of its most popular dishes include Tofu Salad, Warm Naan served with pesto/hummus, Cured Red Lentils and Rice, Ramen Noodle Bowls, Lettuce Wraps, and Thai Curry Soup. In addition to Asian flavors, they also offer juicy plant-based burgers, taco salads, and avocado toast to couples.

Lastly, it is important to note that Leafy Greens is BYOB. You heard me. Bring your own bottle of wine/beer to enjoy while munching on their vegan deliciousness. Also, a complementary glass of wine is provided to couples ordering entrees after 5 p.m. This place cannot be beat.

Ray’s Vegan Soul

Address: 169 Martin Luther King Jr. St. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Ray’s Vegan Soul is exactly what it sounds like – a quaint plant-based restaurant dishing up soul food to you and your significant other. This place wants to satisfy both your soul and your appetite.

In terms of the menu, it changes often as the chefs at Ray’s always and only use food that is in season. Organic and fresh produce is very important for those living a plant-based lifestyle and this is the same for Ray’s. You and your loved one must simply go check it out in order to see what is on the menu for that particular day, however recently, Ray’s has been dishing up Buffalo Mushroom Bites, Eggless Egg Salad, Vegan “Beefaroni” and much more. All are offered for a more than reasonable price considering all the love Ray’s puts into its food.

Lastly, this place caters if you and your partner are looking to cater a party (or your wedding) anytime soon.

Craft Kafe

Address: 200 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Last but not least, Craft Kafe is a gluten-free café serving up all types of food, but they are most known for their vegan options. This cute spot is perfect for both a breakfast and lunch date for couples. They offer daily specials, including vegan soups and pastries, as well as tasty options that are always available. This includes the vegan burger made with a quinoa and mushroom blend, as well as other vegan sandwiches. Craft’s cold brew is also to die for.

Like Community Café, this local spot also offers meals for meat-eaters and dairy-eaters alike. This is the place for you if you and your loved one are trying to compromise on eating plant-based or not.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Hudson Valley News Network

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