Two-Person Board Games
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Are you going nuts at home with your quarantine buddy? We get it. Day in and day out without any space or separation or “me time”….It’s tough and certainly tests the strength of any relationship, new or old. You work 5-days a week longing for the weekend and then the weekend rolls around and you find yourself thinking “now what?” Two whole days of the same white walls? No thank you! Date nights seem to be a thing of the past…but they don’t have to be! Get back into two-person board games.

No, it’s not lame to play board games – they’re fun, distracting, and give you something to do on those at-home date nights. Plus, these days there are so many new board games to choose from as well as a few classics so check out the best two-person board games that you should try out during your next at-home date night! Have fun!

The Best, Most Classic Board Games


If you haven’t played Monopoly, you need to step up your board game-game! This family-night staple consists of fast-dealing property trading and is full of greed, debt, jail time, and more. If you’re looking for nostalgia, fun, and a bit of education – Check out Monopoly! You can order Monopoly from Belk, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more!


Another cult classic, Catan is an educational, nostalgic, cult classic board game that The Washington Post called “the game of our time.” Here, players develop and manage the island of Catan as they search for resources and face issues as well. Roll the dice and sell your land. Play smart, and you just might win! You can order Catan from Belk, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more!


This cult classic draws on nostalgia and a ton of learning as you both acquire and defend territory with this military-style game. This is a dice rolling, quest style game that ranges from foot soldiers to infantry to artillery and is great for military enthusiasts! War has never been so fun! Check it out on Amazon.


Clue is another one of those games that if you haven’t played, well you should! This is the original 1950’s “whodunnit” with a crime committed that must be solved! Team up or play alone and find out who committed murder, where they committed it, and what they used. Guess wrong? You lose! Good luck. You can find Clue everywhere, but order it on Amazon!


This game is perfect for 2-6 players and is going to work that brain! You only have seconds to come up with words or phrases that begin with a common letter. Test your knowledge, beat the clock, and don’t guess the same thing as your opponent!

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