Tapas in Tampa

Tapas in Tampa

Tapas are the perfect date food because they are usually served to be shared and to be paired with a drink. They are small Spanish snacks, like an appetizer, so you can order a few to decide what your favorite is. Plan a date night at a restaurant that serves tapas in Tampa to get that Spanish experience.

Here are some restaurants that serve Tapas in Tampa for you to try.

Bulla Gastrobar

Bulla is always at the top of my list when suggesting places to try because of their awesome happy hour, delicious food, and weekend rooftop bar with great views of downtown Tampa. Their bartenders and wait staff is great at helping you out if you have no idea where to start, so you are definitely going to get a dish or two that you’ll enjoy. I recommend trying to get a seat up on the rooftop and pairing your tapas with a pitcher of the red or white sangria.

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Ceviche is the first restaurant that comes to mind when I hear the word tapas. The South Tampa location, however, closed it’s doors on June 16th to relocate to a newer spot with an updated look. If you couldn’t make it to SoHo before the location’s closing, I would keep my ears open to when and where the new Ceviche is going to be opened because this is a can’t miss spot when it comes to amazing tapas. There is also a location in St. Pete if you can’t wait for the new Tampa location to open.

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Vizcaya Restaurante

Vizcaya not only serves tapas, but they have a whole menu dedicated to it. They split this menu into a hot and a cold section, so you can get a mix of both or stick to your favorite. They also have a very long cocktail and wine list, so if you want a place that offers good tapas and great drinks, look no further.

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Casa Jimenez

Casa Jimenez is best known for serving and selling a huge variety of wine, specifically Spanish wine, but they also have a great tapas menu. Their menu is not large, but offers great tapas to go with the wine. Everyone at Casa Jimenez is an expert and can answer just about any question you have. I love their tapas because most of them are centered around cheese and nothing is better than wine and cheese.

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