Tampa Tea for Two

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Tampa Tea

Check out these awesome Tampa Tea for Two Locations

Calling all tea lovers! If you or your date enjoy tea, have you considered making a date out of it? Having a date at a tea lounge can be intimate and tasty, making it a perfect date for you. Even if you’re not a hardcore tea lover, consider going to some of these Tampa tea for two locations for your next date!

Kaleisia’s Tea Lounge

As one of Tampa’s top tea locations, Kaleisia’s Tea Lounge has a lot to live up to. And live up to, it does! Kaleisia’s is well worth their reputation with their wide selection of teas, with options to add boba, chia seeds, passion fruit jelly and more. There is even a tea room where you can enjoy your tea in a relaxed atmosphere.


Oxford Exchange

If you like tea and coffee, you’re sure to have heard about Oxford Exchange. This bookstore, restaurant and coffee shop is known for its atmosphere and its great taste. At Oxford, you can enjoy over 30 different teas, from black to matè to herbal and more. There is even a special afternoon tea time from Fridays to Sundays at 3pm-5pm that would make for a great date.



For a relaxing, lowkey date, head to Felicitous! This dog-friendly coffee and teahouse has over two dozen different teas for you to choose from. Whether you’re feeling like some herbal teas or black teas, or even oolong or rooibos teas, this is the place to go. There is even two locations to make it even more convenient for your next date.


The Blind Tiger Cafe

With such a nice atmosphere and some great tasting drinks, it’s easy to understand why the Blind Tiger Cafe is so loved. At this cafe, you’ll be able to pick between more than a dozen different teas. There are also some snacks and other drinks available for you.



If you’re still in need of some cool date ideas, check out Local Cafes for a Day Date or Weekend Farmer’s Markets Near the Bay!


Feature image: Kaleisia’s Tea Lounge Facebook Page


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