A surprise is the perfect grand gesture for your special someone when you want to give them a day or night that they will remember. Surprising your significant other is difficult to say the least, especially in today’s world when we are constantly connecting over social media and texts. This makes the success of a surprise pay off even more, though.

But before you can reveal your surprise, you have to plan it, which is another challenge in itself. Tampa Date Night Guide is here to help, though! Here are some tips to plan the best surprise that your bae will be talking about for a while.

Tips for Planning the Surprise

  1. Try not to ask your date’s friends for advice. The friends might accidentally, or not accidentally, spill the beans about what you are trying to plan and ruin the whole thing before it even begins. Instead, try to ask your date sly questions over a period of time that would help you figure out what kind of things they would be interested in doing on a date like this. If you’ve known them for a while, it’s a lot easier, but if not ask questions like: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you pick? What kind of food do you crave the most? What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?
  2. Ask your girlfriends who might not know your date very well for ideas. They might have planned a good surprise recently and you can use ideas from them to help create your own.
  3. Listen to your significant other. If you’re watching TV or see something in a magazine you two are looking at and they say “that’s cool” or “I like that,” remember these things. It’s true when people say that it’s the little things that count.

Ideas for the Surprise

$ – Showing how much you care about someone doesn’t mean you have to empty out your wallet. Here are some super simple and cheap ideas that can take up a whole day.

  1. Tell your date to be ready early in the morning with a swimsuit. Pick them up with your trunk packed with towels and a blanket and lots and lots of sunscreen. Pack a cooler with some sammies, fruit, chips, and a few beers. You two can spend the day at the beach eating and chilling out. Your date won’t have to plan a thing. They’ll just get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet little surprise you set up for the two of you.
  2. Think through a few places your date would really love to go around town. (Think of places like cute coffee shops, bookstores, music stores.) Make some clues up that your date can read that will get you two from place to place. The scavenger hunt is sure to be a great surprise and shows that you put a lot of thought in to something for them.
  3. Send your date a text asking them if they want to come over, order take out, and watch Netflix. (This is where the whole listening part comes in.) Instead of the take out and Netlfix, make them their favorite homemade meal and rent their all time favorite movie. Have the table set with candles for when they arrive and they’ll love how thoughtful you are for putting all their favorite things together: the food, the movie, and you (duh)!

$$ – If you have a little more time to plan and save, your options open up just a bit more. This surprise can be more romantic and can be used for a random day or a special occasion.

  1. Have a first date re-do. Take your date to the place that started it all and order a nice bottle of wine to reminisce over.
  2. Plan a little vacation to a neighboring city with your significant other. St. Augustin, Jacksonville, and Miami are all a drivable distance from Tampa. These cities have reasonably priced hotels and super cute Airbnbs that the two of you can stay at. Make sure you take care of all the plans before hand, so that your date doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Just tell them to pack a bag for the weekend and start driving. They won’t know where you’re going until you get there!
  3. Send a gift to your bae when they are out of town. Whether it’s a business trip or a family visit, your significant other will love to show up to their destination with something thoughtful from you. One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten was from my boyfriend when I was in Paris over Christmas. He sent it to my friend and had her give it to me at the Eiffel Tower. This was something I knew he thought out for a very long time and I loved every little part of it. Shipping can get a little costly and you’ll have to figure out where and when to send it, but the pay off is well worth it.

Mix up your date day or night with a surprise. And if none of these ideas sparked your fancy, then use them as starting points and use your creativity to make something you know your significant other is going to love. No surprise is too small.

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