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The first one was a success, so its no surprise that the St Pete Taco and Beer Fiesta will be back for the second year this week! On May 18th, you and your date will be able to head to this festival for a fun date night. If tacos and beer sound like a good time to you, here’s all you need to know to plan your date at the festival.

When and Where Is It

This Friday, May 18th, the Taco and Beer Fiesta will start at full-swing! From 6pm to 11pm, you and your date will have plenty of time to enjoy everything the fiesta has to offer. As for where it is, this festival will be held at Albert Whitted Park in St Peterburg. This park is conveniently located nearby to the St Pete downtown, making it the perfect day date plan. You and your date can spend the day in the downtown St Pete shops and restaurants before heading to the fiesta once it starts.


What Is It

Of course, the St Pete Taco and Beer Fiesta is an event celebrating the culture of South American foods. There will be over 20 different food trucks at the fiesta serving both South American inspired cuisine and their normal food, as well. Of those 20 food trucks, five are dessert food trucks. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re definitely in for a sweet surprise. At the fiesta, there will also be live entertainment and music.

Admission is free and the first 300 people will also receive a free sombrero! Additionally, remember to bring chairs or a picnic blanket to the fiesta. Lastly, this event is completely dog friendly so feel free to bring your pooch around to play!


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Feature Image Credit: 2nd Annual St. Pete Taco and Beer Fiesta Facebook Page

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