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Love a good Tampa game night? If you’re a gamer with a finger itching for the classic A+B button controls, or maybe you’re just looking for something casual and different to do on your date night, then the First United Church of Nintendo (FUCN) may be for you.

Tampa Game Nights

Matt Barker hosts a fun and interactive event series of Tampa game nights in the Tampa Bay area that’s perfect for the child in all of us. By day Barker works at M&M Video Games, a local small business chain of stores with hundreds of titles across just about every platform one could think of. At night, Barker bounces around between St. Pete and Tampa, spreading the good FUCN word.

The platforms are throwbacks to retro gaming culture of the ’90s and late ’80s. Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis are the main attractions at FUCN nights. Ever had a Mario Kart 64 date? Maybe the loser pays for the night’s festivities. How about sharing rounds of Duck Hunt? Throw in a few cocktails and beers, and these Tampa game nights could definitely get interesting really fast.

FUCN provides childlike fun for grown-ups. You get to revisit something fun that was a huge part of many people’s childhood, and you get to do it with all the benefits of being an adult, like staying up way past 10pm playing with a companion.

So where can you catch up with Matt Barker and the First United Church of Nintendo during Tampa game nights? Check out the list of locations and when the church rolls in weekly below:

The Bricks Ybor

The Bricks is a wonderful place to just relax and enjoy a casual date. It is a coffee bar right in the heart of Ybor City, so if at any time your situation calls for some adult drinks to satisfy your night, you can always check out the local bar scene. One of the great Tampa game nights! thebricksybor.com

Mad Hatter’s Tea & Kava Bar

Mad Hatter’s is an eclectic hangout spot in St. Petersburg, and it’s less than ten minutes away from the Gandy Bridge for those of you coming from the other side of the bay. Aside from kava and kratom drinks, it offers a hookah lounge and games for patrons to entertain themselves with until the late hours of the night. madhattersteabar.com

Lowry Parcade & Tavern

Thursday night, FUCN returns to Tampa for their weekly meet-up at the best arcade bar in the metro area. This isn’t just a bar, it’s an entertainment wonderland that makes for great Tampa game nights. Lowry Parcade has several legendary arcade games set up around the bar for patrons to spend quarters on. It has an excellent selection of beers and liquors, too. lowryparcade.com


Fubar is a host of many excellent events, and naturally, FUCN and Fubar fit like a hand and glove. Fubar is in the hub of St. Pete on Central Ave. It’s a dimly lit underground community that shrugs off pretentious opulence. If you’re looking for a place to go and spend time in a down to earth atmosphere with some really cool people, then check this night out. facebook.com/FubarDowntown


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