Ocean Prime
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If you’re craving delicious foods in a beautiful setting than this might be your next date night destination. Ocean Prime is a modern American restaurant from renowned restaurateur, Cameron Mitchell. I recently took a trip here for the hubby’s birthday and we could not have been more pleased with our experience. From the food to the atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to have an excellent experience.

The Food

Ocean Prime specializes in seafood and prime steaks but it has so much more to offer. True to the name, we tried to get dishes that were the best of surf and turf. Our appetizer was scallops and short ribs atop creamy mash. If we weren’t already impressed, our entrees that followed would have done the job. 8 oz filets atop spiced sautéed spinach and a crispy Gouda potato pancake all topped with fresh lobster. This surf and surf special sounded good enough for both me and my date to order the same thing. We were not disappointed! Nearing a food coma, we were surprised with a birthday treat from the kitchen. Jake, our server, took the liberty of choosing their layered carrot cake, which was served warm with cream cheese frosting, pineapple sauce, and vanilla ice cream. Like everything else before it, it was absolutely to die for.


The Drinks

The wine list at Ocean Prime had both familiar favorites as well as exciting new suggestions that paired well with dinner. Our server was happy to bring me tastes of a couple wines before I chose an Oregon Pinot Noir that was just my taste. My date is more of a cocktail drinker and ordered the cucumber gimlet off of the cocktail list. It came to our table and we were pleased at its fresh ingredients and perfectly balanced taste. We noticed our neighbors had ordered a berry cocktail, which the waiter prepared table side. Drinks were an A+!


The Atmosphere

Our waiter explained to us that the décor was meant make you feel like you were in a luxury cruise ship. Circular windows and large booths as well as views over the lake outside definitely gave off the cruise ship vibe. Ocean Prime is a nicer, formal option when it comes to dinner out but it was in no way stuffy. The dress code was business casual.



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Feature Photo Credit: ocean-prime.com