Mekenita Cantina
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Hola Amigos! Are you trying to find that perfect Mexican restaurant but just can’t seem to stomach another trip to the same old place down the street? If the answer is yes, you must check out Mekenita Cantina! If the answer is no, you still must check out Mekenita Cantina! This local hot spot started out as a local grille in Lutz. Flash forward to 2018, and Mekenita Cantina was born, right in the heart of Seminole Heights.

About the Restaurant

Mekenita Cantina was created by Chef Rand and Tiffani Packer. What makes this spot so unique is the dedicated roots of the establishment! Chef Rand and Tiffani traveled all the way to Oaxaca, Mexico to roam the streets, visit local farms, taste delicious traditional cuisine, and network with Oaxacan chefs all to get you the most authentic Mexican style menu!

The restaurant features table service with a deliciously stocked bar with incredible cocktails that will really pack a punch to your taste buds. Mekenita Cantina takes pride in their blend of Oaxacan tradition and fresh Pacific ingredients leaving guests with a fantastically dynamic, out of this world menu, perfect for everyone. Not to mention, every single dish is prepared fresh every single day, so there won’t be any skimping on quality.

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The Menu

Mekenita Cantina’s menu will water any mouth that takes a peek at the menu! The menu is divided into Bebidas, Crafted Cocktails, Apps, Salads, Burritos, Enchiladas, Tacos, Grande Platos, and Sweets.

Bebidas Menu

On the Bebidas menu, prepare to feel refreshed with delicious non-alcoholic drinks, perfect for a hot summer day. Check out their Strawberry Key Lime drink or the Mixta which features papaya, cantaloupe, banana, lime, and passion fruit nectar—yum! They also offer Horchata, sodas, iced tea, and coffee!

Mekenita Cantina
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Crafted Cocktails Menu

On the Crafted Cocktails menu, check out all of the impressive cocktails for a night out on the town. Guests at Mekenita Cantina can order Sangria by the class or pitcher or something different! Check out the Oaxacan Bath Bomb! This drink features Corralejo Reposado Tequila, Rosemary Sugar Water, and Muddled Lemon Bubbly with a Rosemary Sugared Rim!

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Before you order the main dish of the night, be sure to check out the Appetizer menu. There you can find classics such as Salsa or Guacamole. If you want something different, check out the Puerto Escondido Seafood Ceviche which features tiger shrimp, pacific fish, avocado, Pico, and a spicy lime tomato jus.

Mekenita Cantina
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The Main Dish

Before you chose a dish at Mekenita Cantina, you must look through the Burrito menu, Enchilada menu, Taco menu, and Grande Platos menu first! Try the Citrus Grilled Chicken Burrito, the Chili Garlic Smoked Pork Enchiladas, Ancho Grilled Angus Steak Tacos, or Chipotle Miso Charred Butterfish!

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If you don’t have room for dessert—make some! On the Sweets menu, check out all of the delicious desserts. Sweet treats include the Xicaru Mexcal Chocolate Cake, Homemade Mexican Flan, Carlota de Limon, or Cinnamon Dusted Churros. You don’t want to pass up dessert at Mekenita Cantina—seriously.

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Whether you’re looking for something new or not, you have to take a ride over to Mekenita Cantina to taste some of the freshest, most authentic Mexican style food across the bay. Make it your new favorite hot spot for Mexican food, once you try the food, the decision will be an easy one!



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