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Cafes make for a beautiful date spot. There’s food, there’s drink, and of course, there’s atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a snack or a drink, or even time to just hang out together in a cute place, consider going to one of these local cafes in the Tampa Bay area.

Check out these local cafes in Tampa Bay

Wheatfields Cafe Bakery

If you want a place that can supply your date with both sweet and savory, try checking out Wheatfields Cafe Bakery! This cafe is known for its delicious treats, including macarons, fudge, brownies and more, and its tasty meat pies. No matter what you go in for, you’ll be more than satisfied.


Walkabout Bakery & Cafe

A blend of Australian and American cultures, the Walkabout Bakery & Cafe is a treat for everyone who visits. This cafe is brand new to the Tampa Bay area and is more than worth your visit. There’s even a life-size statue of a kangaroo for you to pose with! And, of course, delicious food including meat pies, pastries and delights including caramel slices and more.


La Segunda Bakery

If a cafe is over 100 years old, it must be doing something right. And La Segunda Bakery sure is! This bakery has an extensive menu including pastries, specialty cakes, pies and more. It also has a cafe menu with soup, sandwiches, salads and more. If you’re looking for great food perfected over time for your date, this is the place to go.


Sweet Caroline’s Bakery

Whether you want a snack or a meal, Sweet Caroline’s Bakery is great choice for your date. They offer a wide menu including sandwiches, coffee, lattes, and plenty of pastries. Brownies, cream puffs, eclairs, croissants and much more await you at Sweet Caroline’s. There are even gluten free products available.



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Featured Image Credit: Wheatfields Cafe Bakery

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