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The Gasparilla Knight Parade is coming up in Ybor City on Saturday, February 10.  This parade is different than the Gasparilla parade or Gasparilla Pirate Fest on January 27th.  We have a complete guide to the Illuminated Knight Parade, but once you have those ducks in a row, you’ll want to find a Knight Parade restaurant for before, during, or after the parade.

The Krewe of the Knights of Sant’ Yago Illuminated Knight Parade begins at 7 pm, led by Grand Marshal Ric Flair, but you’ll want to snag dinner ahead of time. If you’ve purchased bleacher seats, you have a little more time, but if you’re hoping to stake out a spot along the parade route on your own, you’ll want to wrap up dinner a little earlier, so keep that in mind when making plans or reservations. You’ll notice many of these restaurants located directly on 7th Avenue, which is the route for the parade.

Photo Credit: Krewe of Sant’ Yago

Restaurants Near the Illuminated Knight Parade Bleachers

Gaspar’s Grotto

1805 E 7th Avenue
Takes Reservations: No

Gaspar’s is an Ybor City mainstay. This place is sure to be raucous for the Knight Parade since it’s located directly on the route, but the sprawling restaurant has a good amount of indoor and outdoor tables, so arrive early and try to snag a spot. 

Image credit: Gaspar’s Grotto


1802 E 7th Avenue
Takes Reservations: Yes

Carmine’s is another quintessential Cuban restaurant right in the heart of Ybor City and the perfect restaurant for the Gasparilla Knight Parade. For the past 35 years, Carmine’s has provided its patrons with Italian, Cuban, and Spanish flavors, all three reflective of Tampa’s history. At Carmine’s, you can get a bite out of everything with Cuban options such as Cuban Roast Pork, Cuban sandwiches, and more! 



1702 E 7th Avenue
Takes Reservations: Yes

Bernini Restaurant is known for their wonderful and authentic Italian cuisine and it is located directly along the parade route. The menu includes Italian favorites from pastas to pizzas and much more, as well as a wine list with almost 50 wines to choose from. And you can’t forget to try one of the desserts offered at Bernini. Whether you go for gelato, tiramisu, cake, or any of the other desserts available, you’ll find its a great taste you’ll love.


7th + Grove

1939 E 7th Avenue
Takes Reservations: No

Upscale southern classics, 7th + Grove is a great restaurant to stop by for dinner before the Gasparilla Knight Parade. Next door you’ll find their deli, Roast, with a hidden speakeasy.


Casa Santo Stefano

1607 N. 22nd Street
Takes Reservations: Yes

There are still a handful of early reservations to be had at Casa Santo Stefano for early evening dining the day of the Gasparilla Knight Parade. Grab drinks on the rooftop or settle in for a nice, big Sicilian meal ahead of an evening of revelry. Casa Santo Stefano is located one block off the end of the parade route.

Rooftop bar in Ybor City - Santo's Drinkeria at Casa Santo Stefano
Santo’s Drinkeria | Image credit: Casa Santo Stefano


1833 E 7th Avenue
Takes Reservations: Yes

Snag a reservation ASAP and you’ll have a seat right along the Gasparilla Knight Parade route at Acropolis. This festive Greek spot will fill you up with falafel and gyros before heading out to the parade.



2117 E 7th Avenue
Takes Reservations: Yes, but already booked the night of the parade

Columbia is only at the bottom of the list because there’s no reservations around the time of the Knight Parade available. Give walking up or hitting the bar a shot though if you’d like to experience the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. It’s been owned and operated by the same family for well over a century and is a can’t miss restaurant in Tampa. Columbia is located at the very end of the parade route.


More Ybor City Restaurants for the Gasparilla Knight Parade


Tampa Bay Brewing Company

1600 E 8th Avenue
Takes Reservations: No

Another place you’ll need to stake out your spot early, Tampa Bay Brewing is in the heart of Centro Ybor. They’ve got 2 large bars and abundant indoor an outdoor seating, the perfect complement to a great menu of Americana staples and beer made on the premises.

Samurai Blue

1600 E 8th Avenue
Takes Reservations: No

For sushi you’ll love, you can’t go wrong with Samurai Blue Sushi & Sake Bar! You’ll find an extensive sushi menu perfect for kicking off an evening of fun at the Gasparilla Knight Parade.

Samurai Blue –
Sushi Sake Bar Facebook

The Bricks

1327 E 7th Avenue
Takes Reservations: No

Grab a casual bite at the Bricks before a big night at the Gasparilla Knight Parade. The Bricks is located right at the start of the parade and has a great beer and cocktail menu and tons comfort foods to choose from.


1811 N 15th Street
Takes Reservations: Yes

Barterhouse in Ybor is a hit with the Tampa locals, as a luxurious spot for a delicious dinner. Their creative twist on American cuisine features eclectic flavors.