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Looking for an artistic outlet but also wanting to spend time with your significant other? Well, look no further than Dan Balk Jewelry! If you didn’t already know, Dan Balk is an artist, teacher, goldsmith, and a designer all wrapped into one talented human being! Check out his studio and classes for a great date night idea!

About Dan Balk

Dan Balk creates every single piece of jewelry featured on his site as well as in his studio. He even creates his own “sterling silver, 18K, and 14K gold alloys that he fashions, mills, forges, fuses, and brazes into miniature sculptures for personal adornment” (danbalkjewelry.com). He is so meticulous that he takes the time to hand-select every stone that he chooses to complete beautiful pieces of jewelry every single time.

Now, Dan has also taken on specialty classes for adults to learn his beautiful trade. He has dedicated thousands of hours to these classes and to those willing to learn the trade or take vocational training. From his great success, Dan has been rewarded for his excellence in both his education and his instruction! He was even the Associate Dean of Education at an impressive trade school—basically, if you want to master jewelry making, Dan is your guy!

Dan Balk
Photo Credit: 10Best

About the Classes

Dan Balk Jewelry offers three types of classes that are offered daily:  Jewelry Making Classes, Couples Classes, and Custom Classes. Couples Classes are offered every single day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Jewelry Making Classes are offered M-F 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Sat-Sun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All classes are entirely beginner-friendly, don’t worry if you’ve never created a piece of jewelry before, you won’t be alone!

Reservations for every class, however, are required! Reservations can be made by phone (813)728-4325 before each class. Every class is also about 4 hours long, so make sure to allow enough time into your date or outing. You will be in the studio, one on one with Dan, and at the end of the class, you’ll get to take your finished silver piece home with you!

Dan Balk
Photo Credit:TampaNewsWire

About the Couples Classes

As previously, mentioned, Dan does offer Couples Classes! These classes are private courses perfect for partners to express their creative side! Not to mention, every Couples Course ends with complimentary champagne, wine, fruit, and chocolate—talk about perfect! Please note that classes run pretty pricey at around $450.00 in sterling silver per couple, however, all of your supplies are included in the class.

Plus, now through the end of October, Dan Balk is offering a Fall in Love Special! This special includes a $100 discount for his couples ring making class. Be sure to book your classes now before time runs out! This great deal expires on Oct. 31st.

dan balk
Photo Credit: Dan Balk Jewelry Studio


Dan Balk Jewelry Studio is located at 1418 Julie Lagoon Road, Lutz, FL, 33549. For more information, check out their website at www.danbalkjewelry.com or call (813)728-4325. Whether you’ve created jewelry hundreds of times before, or you’ve never created anything before in your life, Dan Balk is the guy to visit and learn from. So, on your next special occasion, anniversary, or regular ole date night, head over to Dan Balk Jewelry Studio, take a couple’s class, create beautiful pieces, and reconnect with that special someone! You won’t regret it!


Featured Image Credit: JewelryClassicDC

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