by Sarah Stoulil & Katelyn Schur

INWEGO launched in Tampa/St. Petersburg on October 11, 2018 and we received a subscription to bring you the inside scoop! INWEGO is the perfect source for finding fun events going on right in your backyard. The subscription offers dozens of tickets each month for sporting events, concerts, and other local events in Tampa Bay. Not to mention, joining INWEGO is simple and takes virtually no time to sign up!

To get started just download the app and sign up, it’s as simple as that! INWEGO costs only $39 per month which gets you access to all the sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, and festivals that you can handle. Browse all of the upcoming events and tap to secure your ticket! You can cancel at any time, or pause your account for $5 per month if you don’t want to lose your points. (We’ll explain the points later … keep reading!)

You can reserve a spot five days prior to the event. Your tickets will then appear conveniently on your mobile app the day of the event when you arrive at the event venue. Just make sure you have your phone with you to check in and you are all set! It truly is that simple and easy to use. Every listed event includes the date, time, location, and number of available spots left as well as when the event becomes available to reserve if it is not already!

Things to Know:

Reminders: Set Reminders! Tickets are available five days prior to the event. If you see an event before you are able to reserve a ticket just hit the “set reminder” button in the app and you will get a notification when they are available.

Early Access: Really want a ticket? Use some of your points to gain Early Access to an event. 24 hours prior to the regular 5-day period you can use points to secure a ticket to the event.

GoPriority List: There are a limited amount of tickets available for each event. Make sure to reserve your ticket when it goes live. But if you happen to miss out, use your points to move up on the GoPriority List, which is essentially a waitlist if someone cancels or if more tickets become available.

Points: Each month you earn points for being a subscriber. The longer you are a subscriber the more points you earn, and they never expire as long as you keep your subscription! Use your points on Early Access or GoPriority.

Guess Passes: Have friends that aren’t on the app? No problem! Each event gives you the opportunity to purchase guest passes. Quantity and price vary by event.

Link with Friends: Have friends that are on the app? Link up to get tickets next to each other!

Cancellation Fee: There needs to be a few regulations so tickets don’t run out right!? If you fail to check in and use your ticket, you will be charged a fee. Be sure to cancel 24 hours or more before the event so others can use your ticket if you will not be.

Download INWEGO or visit to start your local event experience and never miss another concert, game, or party again. For a limited time use our code TAMPADATE50 for 50% off your first month! Expires 11/30.

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