Park & Rec
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Do you resonate with the saying: “Youth has no age?” If so, it’s time to check out Park & Rec Tampa or St. Pete!

About Park & Rec

If you didn’t already know, Park & Rec is a huge adult playground transporting guests back to the good ole days! Enjoy Pac Man, NBA Jam, Skeeball, pinball, and more. There is also giant beer pong, corn hole, Jenga, billiards, and so much more. Once you wear yourself out from this blast from the past, you can enjoy delicious food including snacks, handheld eats, pizza, cocktails and more!

Located in Tampa (290 S. Meridian Ave., Tampa, Florida 33602) and St. Pete (100 4th Street S., Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701). 

The Food

When you’re in the mood for food, enjoy a snack to really warm up those taste buds. Check out their pretzel bites, chicken nuggets, jalapeno poppers, and more! They also have corndogs or other menu items such as Turbo Tacos which includes a choice of ground beef, pork, or chicken. With lettuce Pico, shredded cheese, cilantro, and crema.

If you want something with a bit more to it, check out the handheld menu. There you can find the Glazed and Confused which is a Cheeseburger or cap’n crunch fried chicken piled atop a glazed donut – yep! Atop of the meat are bacon, American cheese, and a fried egg. Want something a bit more mellow? Check out the Old School Burger, Hot Dogs, Philly Cheesesteak, Grilled Cheese, and more!

Obviously it wouldn’t be the good ole days without a cheesy piece of pizza. Enjoy classics such as pepperoni, veggie, meaty, and more. There’s also Return of the Mac with mac & cheese, bacon, and scallions or other fun throwbacks such as The Breakfast Club! On this pie enjoy hash browns, cheese sauce, green peppers, cheddar cheese, scallions, bacon, and eggs.

Before you call it a day, check out the Sweets Menu where you can order donuts, twinkie sundaes, churros, almond joy shakes, and more! Don’t leave Park & Rec without a yummy, throwback meal.

Photo Credit: Park & Rec

The Drink

Whether you’re hungry or not, you must order a refreshing drink for only $10! Check out the Dirty Pop, Doc Brown, Ice, Ice Baby, Knight Rider, and more! Order the Ms. Pacman with Absolut lime, cherry pucker, crushed ice, and lime juice – yum! If you want something a bit more fun, check out the Party Pouch ($11). Party Pouches come in two flavors – Lemonade and Punch. They also have adult Slurpee’s, beer, spiked seltzers, wine, shots, and more!

Photo Credit: Park & Rec

Ballpark & Rec

If you love downtown’s shenanigans, head over to Tropicana Field for Ballpark & Rec! At the Trop, enjoy classic arcade games and giant peer pong too – they also have all of the fun outdoor games! At the Trop’s Ballpark & Rec, drinks are limited but you can still order a Lemonade Pouch, Fro-Rays, or an Every-Berry Loves Raymond! They also have a pretty great beer selection too!

Whether you’re from the time of Jenga, Pinball, or The Breakfast Club OR you just want to experience something different, head over to Park & Rec for all of the throwback fun.

Featured Image Credit: Park & Rec TPA

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