Show Her Off Dance
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Couples are happier when they spend quality time together. That’s why relationship experts say it’s a misstep to sideline date night. Still, twosomes cite time, money, childcare, and other obstacles as reasons date night putters out. The tried-and-true activity of dancing is an immersive way partners can get back in step with each other. And thanks to Date Night Dancing™, an approachable digital experience by Show Her Off, couples can easily give it a whirl! This tool is designed to make date night dancing exceptionally fun and memorable — whether the two of you have “two left feet” or feel bold about your boogie. 

Why Date Night Dancing is a Chance for Romancing

Sidestep date night complexity by experiencing a uniquely, exciting at-home adventure. Here are reasons to love Date Night Dancing™:  

  • Romantic: The close physicality of Date Night Dancing™ encourages connection through physical touch, eye contact, communication, teamwork and body language.  
  • Bonding mood booster: Like any workout, Date Night Dancing™ may release powerful “feel good” endorphins, which could make you feel less stressed and happier — about yourself, your partner and your relationship. 
  • Healthy connection: Dancing with the one that makes your heart skip a beat is good for heart-health, balance, posture and memory/brain health. 
  • Affordable: You may break a sweat dancing but you won’t break the bank. Priced at just $67, it costs a fraction of the average dinner-and-movie date night. Plus, if you’re not completely thrilled with this digital program, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.  
  • Parent-friendly: No babysitter… no problem! Put the kids to bed, then lay it all out on the living dance floor together.
  • Private dancer: There’s no audience… it’s just the two of you. There’s no risk of stage fright or embarrassment — but do expect to laugh A LOT because it’s that fun.
  • No experience needed: Date Night Dancing™ is great for couples of all dance levels, including beginners and those who’ve claimed that they can’t dance.  
  • Dance to any music: Date Night Dancing™ encourages couples to tune into one other while listening to dance tunes of your choice. 

How Date Night Dancing™ Works  

  1. Gift it. Take advantage of the Date Night Dancing™ holiday romance sale. There’s nothing naughty about this season’s nice 40% discount on the Date Night 2 and 3 bundle when you purchase Date Night 1. 
  2. Watch and learn. Couples can opt for the DVD version and/or online streaming on the app on your preferred device and platform. Once you’ve purchased Date Night Dancing™, you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to replay entertaining lessons to your own music to perfect the moves at your own pace. Cozy up to view on your computer, Smart TV, phone or tablet via the ‘Show Her Off Dance’ app, or stream via ROKU, Firestick or Apple TV. The instruction includes 19 videos equating to hours of date night fun. While the videos collectively total 60 minutes of guided lessons, couples usually devote 4-6 hours to the course. 
  3. Practice makes perfect. Couples will master 11 dance moves that, when blended with different combinations, look and feel more like 100+ moves of social swing. This upbeat dance style is easily adaptable to various music genres. 
  4. Be moved by the moves. Because Date Night Dancing™ promises to have you and your partner connecting through dance within minutes. Embrace the moves and their impact on your relationship.
  5. Keep dancing. Date Night Dancing™ is great for any stage of a relationship, whether you’re preparing for your wedding’s first dance, an at-home date night or a family-friendly dance party. Yes, Date Night Dancing™ is also suitable for families and friends. 

There’s no doubt that recounting dance steps can and will help you and your partner rekindle the passion, strengthen your connection and create cherished moments. Now that deserves a standing ovation!